For You by Sue the ABC’s: Art, Books, Cards

Sue Clancy is having a one person art exhibit at the Aurora Gallery titled “For You by Sue the ABC’s: Art, Books, Cards”. The photo above and the video below shows a small selection of over 30 related art objects created by Sue that are available.

About the exhibit Sue says: “I see creativity as a very practical thing. Art adorns our walls. Books bemuse us. Cards connect us. For this exhibit I include all three of these essential elements of life because it’s been stressful lately and I am me. So I made these things for you.”

More details are available via the Aurora Gallery or by scrolling below.

Here’s a look at the exhibit installation at the Aurora Gallery. (There’s a fun “where’s Waldo” effect of being able to find the matches between the art, books and cards). A short look at the exhibit via an Instagram Reel is here:

Here’s a closer look at a some of the Art.

Here’s a look at some of the Books. Many of the books in this exhibit are one-of-a-kind with reproduction gift books available.

Many of these artist book reproductions for children are also available elsewhere on this website.

How The Cow Went Over The Moon and Tiny Notes To The Sun – this one-of-a-kind accordion fold book with a handmade box was made using ink, gouache and collage. This book has a reproduction gift book.

Juggling Letters and Numbers – in the exhibit you can see each of the 3 original handmade books. A reproduction anthology collection of those 3 one-of-a-kind experiential handmade books is available at the gallery or via this link

Stories We Choose To Live Inside…Or Not

Here are some still photos of “Stories we could live inside… or not”. This handmade artist book, created with ink and gouache folds out in the shape of a box with an open-for-escape edge.

The Rabbit – a one-of-a-kind accordion artist book handmade with collage and ink on paper.

Coffee Please – a dialect guide to the United States. Clancy has kept a sketchbook during travels over the years. To make “Coffee Please” she looked though her past sketchbooks noting all the requests for coffee, the verbal responses and the coffee cups received. Then she dyed paper a coffee color and recreated her sketchbook notes in this one-of-a-kind accordion folded with a handmade box artist book titled “Coffee Please”.

Favorites So Far – is a reproduction of Clancy’s kitchen sketchbook where favorite memories and recipes are kept and illustrated. Copies of this book and some of the recipe eproductions on postcards are in this exhibit. (The book is also available here: )

Another Sketchbook – is a printed reproduction of Clancy’s sketchbook about reading books and nurturing an inner life. There are postcards available of pages from this book at the Gallery too.

Here’s a look at some of the Cards. (Most of these are limited edition and only available at the Aurora Gallery

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!