Kim Cooks Sue Draws

The line between the fine arts and the culinary arts is merely a suggestion for both Chef Kim Mahan and artist Sue Clancy. Feeling free to color outside the lines of typical cookbook publications the authors decided to make a cookbook that’s more than a bound book of recipes – becoming a collection of artistic interpretations of food-ideas. Playful artwork that you can also use to cook, share and eat with people you love.

This full color art magazine style cookbook, Kim Cooks Sue Draws, has 20 thick pages and opens flat for use while cooking or for displaying as a whimsical coffee table style art book. The recipes were created by Chef Kim Mahan and whimsically illustrated by Sue Clancy. This unique gift book is for cooks of any ability, for food and art lovers, and is available either in person at Class Cooking, the culinary school Chef Kim Mahan runs in Vancouver, Washington adjacent to the winery Burnt Bridge Cellars or via this link online which will ship the cookbook anywhere.

Here are some photos of the printed book Kim Cooks Sue Draws.

Chef Kim Mahan teaches cooking skills in her popular classes at Class Cooking and wanted to make a cookbook of the recipes and techniques from her classes for her students as well as for holiday gifts. Chef Kim knows Sue Clancy’s whacky sense of humor and thought Sue’s art would add an element of whimsy to the cookbook. People learn new skills best when they’re having fun! So Chef Kim gave Clancy her recipes and Clancy responded to them in much the same way that one jazz musician responds to the melody of another jazz musician.

Clancy created each page by hand using fountain pens, brushes and ink, color pencils and gouache paints. She wrote each of Chef Kim’s recipe texts by hand and handcreated the related illustrations. When all of the original artwork was finished she scanned each page and digitally assembled the book using the Bookwright software from Clancy chose the magazine style format because it lays flat with minimal pressure and the style is fun and casual. Below are photos of the original artwork.

What makes Kim Cooks Sue Draws a great gift?

Yummy food can be made using these recipes and the cooking skills described in the book are useful to know. If the gift recipient has any level of skill or interest in cooking this book will be enjoyed. If the gift recipient delights in gentle but whacky humor this book will provide a laugh or two. If the gift recipient values hand touches and handmade art this book combines homemade food and art made by hand. The book is about sharing food and fun with people you love and love is the best gift of all.
This cookbook is available via this link or in person from Chef Kim Mahan at her culinary school Class Cooking

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