Patch La Belle by Clancy

Patch La Belle and other playful paintings and poems written and illustrated – by Sue Clancy

About the Book

These playful handwritten poems and paintings have dogs, cats, books, candy and tea in them, plus a giraffe, a seal, a pig, a dragon and a penguin. They are loosely sorted on themes of enjoying and trying things. These whimsical poems and paintings exist for the sole reason that they might make you smile

Print copies are available and a full preview can be seen here:

A free ebook version of Patch La Belle is available on here:

Here are some sample pages:

Here’s a look at the printed book

Additional Details about the printed book
Book size: 6×9 in, 15×23 cm
Number of Pages: 30

Softcover: 9781715691417
Hardcover, ImageWrap: 9781715691424

A video animated audiobook version distributed by Storyberries

Patch La Belle has been read aloud, with sound effects, by a longtime early childhood educatorKidz Stories And More !!

Sue Clancy reads one poem aloud from Patch La Belle

Clancy reads a poem aloud from Patch La Belle

Blog posts about my working process towards Patch La Belle:






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