Numpurrs by Clancy

This project is both a series of fine art portraits of cats and an artist book titled Numpurrs by Clancy [written and illustrated by Sue Clancy]

Specifically it’s an illustrated poem about cats and numbers – a playful summing up of what happens when everyone brings something pleasant to the table. Every contribution counts!

Both the poem and the cat portraits Sue Clancy created were inspired by the cat stories and photos her friends were kind enough to share. You could say that this book itself is a compounding potluck event – a notion that adds to the fun.

Printed books: A preview of this entire book and access to the printed and downloadable ebook versions can be had via this link

Here is the link to the free ebook on Storyberries.com

Fine Art: Below are all of the fine art cat portraits that illustrate the poem in Numpurrs. The original artwork can be seen at the Aurora Gallery

Here’s a look at the printed book. 36 color pages. 6 x 9 inches. Choice of hard or softcover. In the back of the book you can see some of the cat “models” that inspired the Numpurrs artwork. The print books are available via this link .

Additional Numpurrs fun:

A Numpurrs poster

Numpurrs poster

A Numpurrs calendar

By The Numpurrs– a calendar –

A Numpurrs jigsaw puzzle – 676 pieces

Numpurrs mug

Numpurrs fabric (for placemats, pillows, lapblankets etc) –

Blog posts about the process of creating Numpurrs

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Photos sent to me by happy readers. Posted with permission

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