Readings From The Heart

An exhibit of fine art by Clancy. This art is my adaptations in response to the 2020 global pandemic and is exhibited via Caplan Art Designs in Portland Oregon and via Burnt Bridge Cellars in Vancouver Washington. Photos of the artwork and the installed exhibit are viewable by scrolling down this page.

An artist book exhibit catalog titled “Readings From The Heart” containing the full story behind all of the fine art and artist books is available, as are all six of the artist books for this exhibit, on the shop page of this site.

The six artist books related to this exhibit:

Readings From The Heart (about my adaptation processes)

Favorites So Far (enjoyably feeding body and mind)

Dr Bob’s Emotional Repair Program First Aid Kit
(mental health coping skills)

Another Sketchbook (developing ones mental creative life)

Alphapets and Alphapets Too
(everything starts with love and alphabets)

Also related to this exhibit (because most stories begin with love and an alphabet) are the two childrens books written and illustrated by Clancy, “Alphapets” and “Alphapets Too”.

The original artwork for these books became the Alphapets art exhibit at the Aurora Gallery described in more detail, with photos, on other project tabs on the portfolio page.

Here’s the fine art for “Readings From The Heart” (click and zoom to see images more closely):

A page by page preview of the exhibit catalog is available here.

Blog posts about this project:

Here’s blog post about the symbolism in one of the paintings pictured above titled “The Way Of All Fresh” –

Feature interview with Clancy on Doodlewash

Readings From The Heart – Washington Chapter – at Burnt Bridge Cellars

Photos below are from the exhibit installation at Burnt Bridge Cellars in Vancouver Washington. The artist books are also available on the winery’s outdoor patio and via curbside pickup.

Readings From The Heart – Oregon Chapter – at Caplan Art Designs

Photos below are from the installation at the Caplan Art Designs gallery in Portland Oregon.

6 thoughts on “Readings From The Heart

  1. Hi, I read on your blog about your working process, how you begin and continue a project, very interesting and lots to learn. I found that I begin my projects the same way, but being a beginner I have never finished a project yet. I see the drawings I make now as sketches/ideas for future art, drawings to work on and develop when I`m more satisfied with my skills. I will definitely come back to learn more.

    1. Thank you so much Bird! I’m honored if what I share helps you make your own art. We need all the art we can have in life – art helps us heal. All the best to you!

    2. Bird, I replied to you earlier but had a technical difficulty – so I’m replying again to make sure you get a reply. I’m glad what I share is helpful! I will keep it up. Just so you know: there’s seldom a time any artist is satisfied with their skills. One just keeps working, keeps trying to express a thought as best as one can. I have a piece of paper thumbtacked to my art studio wall that i find helpful – it says “focus on what you’re doing instead of how well you’re doing it”.
      Keep creating!

  2. Yes, seems like some technical difficulties. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, it means a lot. I`ll keep that piece of paper in mind.

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!