Pembral Forgets

Pembral Forgets written by Steve Tubbs and illustrated by Sue Clancy is a story about fall leaves, good food, and an absent-minded boy who forgets something very important but is loved anyway.

Here’s a look at the 38 page full color printed book which is available via this link

A conversation with the author Steve Tubbs:

Q: What inspired Pembral Forgets?

A: As with all authorship by newly-minted writers, I suppose, there are elements of autobiography about Pembral. As a boy about his age, I loved going to our local park where they had used huge machines to gather the fallen leaves into piles, much to the delight of kids such as myself. And the sight of squirrels dashing up and down in circles on trees fills my cornucopia of memories, along with Mom cooking in the kitchen, and her delight at receiving my gift of love: a bright red leaf from the day. I was also known as a ‘day dreamer’, to the chagrine of the more regimented of my elementary school teachers, which was wisely disregarded by Mom since I got reasonably good grades to begin with, and I held a firm and abiding love of whatever library might be available, including a bookmobile that came to our neighborhood while we lived for a bit in Sioux Falls, S.D. Combine these ingredients, stir well, pop into the oven, and ‘voila’, out comes Pembral. The icing on the cake, of course, is the imaginative and charming work of Sue Clancy, without which Pembral would still be wandering around headless in the front yard.

Pembral Forgets is available worldwide as both an ebook and an audiobook on

Here’s a look at some of the original illustrations created by Sue Clancy using ink and gouache on handmade paper.

The finished original illustrations were collected in a one-of-a-kind handmade box constructed by Sue Clancy for the artist book Pembral Forgets. The box measures 9 inches tall 7 inches wide (when closed) and 2.5 inches deep.

By request there are art prints of 4 images for Pembral Forgets available here:

Here’s a fabric design based on the leaf illustrations for Pembral Forgets – and photos of napkins, table runners and other items that can be made from the fabric pattern titled “Leaves From Pembral”. Here’s a link for the fabric:

Here are some blog posts that describe Sue Clancy’s working methods for this project.


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