This Rabbit

This Rabbit is a whimsical picture book album full of rabbits liking things. This rabbit likes one thing. This rabbit likes another thing. So many things to like and do! Which do you like?

The rabbit drawings were created by hand using ink and gouache by Clancy to go along with a funny poem, also written by Clancy, about things to like. This artist book for children is a playful look at self-awareness.

Printed and ebook copies of This Rabbit are available here: a free preview of the entire book is available via the above link.

This Rabbit has 40 pages the majority of which are full color. It is available in both hard and soft covers (printed books are 6 x 9 inches) as well as a number of ebook formats. Below are a few photos of the hardcover format. (Click on and pinch to enlarge images)

This Rabbit is read aloud on Kidz Stories and More !

A free ebook version and an audiobook version of This Rabbit is available worldwide on

Blog posts with details about Clancy’s creative process for This Rabbit are listed below:

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