me and the sketchbook project

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I’m participating in The Sketchbook Project – and I’m excited about it! I love the democracy of the project. That us professional artists are on a shelf along with school teachers or students, with college kids and with art-as-a-hobby enthusiasts. I love it that we’re all in this sketchbook project together!

I’ll be trying something experimental with my sketchbook. I’ll be working at creating a somewhat wordless story that combines my interests in food, music and…. dogs!

Here’s what I got in the mail from The Sketchbook Project:


And yes, I’ll post updates periodically about my progress.

13 thoughts on “me and the sketchbook project

          1. I was concerned about feathering as I was intending to use my fountain pens. I thought I might add a splash of ink and/or watercolour here or there but I’m not so sure now that I’ve felt the paper.

            1. I decided against my fountain pen – it didn’t feather but it almost bled through. I was concerned that if I did much shading with the fountain pen then the reverse side of the paper would be unusable. Right now I’m thinking either very light watercolor in places – or just using color pencils and then spray-fixative on the finished work.

            2. Sounds like a good plan. I’m so stressed about the quality of the paper that it’s prevented me from starting. I need to work in ink because that’s my thing but maybe I’ll need to use the micron pens after all.

            3. I’ve found the Micron pens in a .8 and a “graphic” which is what I think of as a thick line. Yes, I’ve no doubt you’ll figure it out – and amaze us all!

            4. What?? Lower my expectations?? Nawww …. 😉 Seriously tho, you’ll be fine whatever you do! I’ve seen your work develop over time – so I know you’ll be fine!! Just breathe deeply and draw!

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!