the art of nachos

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Being a busy professional artist I’m fond of “quick fix” meals that are both yummy and fairly healthy – I’m feeding my creative-mental-beast after all! So, by special request (Thanks Laura!) here in this post is my favorite nacho’s recipe.

I like to make my nachos as artistically colorful as possible so as I’m piling the ingredients on – sometimes (in addition to the ingredients below) I’ll include spinach leaves, and chopped red bell pepper chunks to make it have a colorful contrast.  I like the dark olives against the white mozzarella too. The “ready to use beans” mentioned in the recipe are described in this blog post here:    and make a nice background color along with the yellow corn chips and the light green onion and the dark green jalapeno…

And yes, this recipe is written like you see here in ink and color pencil in one of my sketchbooks.

Oh, and the cast-iron griddle technique really is the “secret sauce” for my nachos!  Enjoy!!


Sue Clancy’s “busy artist Nachos” recipe

10 thoughts on “the art of nachos

          1. I was just thinking I needed to come back to this post and tell you that I made your nachos recipe that night. I had never made nachos in a skillet before. I didn’t have roasted garlic and I don’t care for olives so I missed those out but otherwise stuck to your recommended combination. It was delicious and just the type of comfort food I needed.

            1. I’m very delighted to hear that you liked it!! I’ve found that using the skillet helps keep the nachos warmer longer during the eating. 😉 So glad you omitted things and made it your own! Yea you!!!

            2. Yes, that was the thing that made all the difference. They were consistently hot all the way through rather than tepid in the middle and maybe a little too hot at the edges and top.

      1. Yup, I know about these and eat them all the time. They taste like real cheese to me, but I haven’t had real cheese in so long, I’m not the best judge of tastes real any more! 😉

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