Take A Look Sunday – Sue Clancy

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Great critique by the CATugeau Agency of my recent illustration sequence effort! I’ve got a lot to learn and practice! Love it! Thank you Chris and Christy – and Kathy Temean!

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TKS Sue Clancy 1 StrawBearerA72
CHRISTY: I’m a big fan of the simplicity here. The cut paper feel of this piece is very appealing – as is the color palette. The shapes are really nice, and I think they would resonate with little children; big blocks of bright colors in interesting shapes. I especially like the girl’s hair; giving it that “dead straight” look with the vertical texture. Nice!
I do wish I knew the context of these two pieces within the whole story, however. As they stand now alone, there is no clear “story” here. The girl is carrying a huge strawberry, and the crow appears to be showing her where to take it. But the story is the exact same in the second image here. Her facial expression (or lack thereof) is identical, so we get no information from her, and the crow seems to be copied over as well. The only…

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