chihuahua sketchbook pages

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I’ve been thinking about dot patterns and I’ve been seeing lots of cute chihuahua dogs when I’ve gone out for walks – so I’ve been thinking of chihuahua’s. I’ve also been thinking about books, writers, the alphabet…  Here are some doodles that I did while thinking the above mentioned thoughts. (see this blog post for photos of my original “dot” inspirations and the dot papers I made –


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    1. Thanks Laura! I’ve encountered probably some 20 or so chihuahuas recently, some were moody and snarly as you describe and some others were happy and bouncy (spastic?) and still others seemed sleepy and relaxed. I’ve picked the sleepy/relaxed chihuahua’s as models since that matched up in my mind with my book-reading… we’ll see how it goes! Lol! I’ll be posting developments in the coming days. Thanks for your encouragement!

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