illustrated things – pattern and product designs

Sue Clancy’s designs (art licensing)  are available on fabric and as product designs – items that can be made from that fabric – products like tea towels, napkins and upholstered chairs – available here and via the links below the each picture:


Sue Clancy’s illustrations and fine art applied (licensed) to tech devices: cases and skins for phones, tablets and laptops. Her designs are also applied to items of home décor and interiors – a few examples are pictured below…Society 6:


Sue Clancy’s Signature Collection – fine art and handmade pattern designs available as handmade apparel here: – a few examples are pictured below…

Yes, Sue’s signature collection really is signed:


Sue Clancy’s “signature collection” of art apparel really does have a signature! See the whole collection here:

See also the “Kitchen Tales”, “illustration”  and the “illustrated poetry” web pages:

all pattern designs copyright 2016 by sue clancy

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