Garlic tricks to scare vampires

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One of the first illustrations I did for the unconventional cookbook “Kim Cooks Sue Draws” was called “How to Cut Onion” – and it has been very popular. People have written in to tell me how helpful it was. I told Chef Kim Mahan about this response and she said “Great! How about illustrating roasting garlic?”

Since this cookbook is still “in progress” and I am a garlic loving fiend, naturally I agreed.  Up until now my method has been to take fresh garlic, pull off a clove, smash it and use a knife edge to peel the skin off. Pain in the you-know-where. Fortunately my Sweetie doesn’t mind the peeling-garlic job so we have garlic often despite my garlic-peeling laziness.

Here’s the chef’s garlic-y instructions as I’ve illustrated them. I loved the way the Chef talked about “eating more garlic so as to keep vampires away”!


And to think Sweetie and I’ve been doing it the hard way all these years! Lol! I’ve now learned a new kitchen trick. Scary!  Once again I realize how much I learn about the world during my process of making art.

You can see the “How to Cut Onion” illustration here:

5 thoughts on “Garlic tricks to scare vampires

    1. Lol!!! Good for you guys!!! Did you already know the garlic trick I illustrated? I’m excited that now I will get to have even more garlic in my meals! Yum! But really, did you already know the “buy peeled and vacuum packed garlic” trick??? Am I the last to learn it? Lol!

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    2. No. The vacuum packed garlic is news to me. I’ve been roasting garlic for decades and never even looked for pre-peeled garlic. I sometimes roast the whole bulb and then squeeze out the squashy garlic cloves. That’s divine. I do buy jars of pre-chopped garlic in a fine dice for weeknight rushed cooking. Now I’ll need to look for the pre-peeled cloves.

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    3. I’ve done the methods you described – and now that I’ve tried the vacuum packed garlic method Chef Kim taught I’m not looking back – it’s much easier and quicker for me. I’ve been finding the vacuum packed garlic in the “fresh herbs” sections of the produce dept. and also, depending on the store, in the area where they have small tubs of pre-cut onion, broccoli, watermelon and etc. I’ll be interested in hearing how your experience is with the vacuum packed garlic. Anyway – I think Chef Kim is on to something by helping people with tricks like this. Hopefully my illustrations will help the Chef help others.

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