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Fun interview of me over on ! And, yes, behind that link lurk photos and the deep scarlet secrets of Sue Clancy…

Lorna's Voice

Now that there bear has talent! Now that there bear has talent! I’m assuming he’s alive and sitting up that straight waiting for a treat. Not many children are capable of this trick.

Nobody loves artistic talent more than I do.

Okay. Maybe other people love artistic talent a lot, too. Fine.

Maybe I should have said nobody appreciates artistic talent more than I do.

No, that’s not better.

I’ll stop now.

You probably have surmised that this post has something to do with artistic talent.

And you’d be correct.

Sue Clancy is an illustrator extraordinaire (that’s almost French for awesome).

I met Sue when she took a writing workshop I taught recently.

Not only is Sue illustratorious, she writes well, too. If she wasn’t such a nice, positive, happy person, it would be easy to be miffed at her for being so darned talented.

Sue, being the sweet person she is, showcased me on her…

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