the art of delivery and 4 delivery tricks


I’ve been getting all of the artwork packed up for delivery to Burnt Bridge Cellars for a one-person art exhibit  there.  Some of my artwork is also coming from one of my nearby galleries.  So what you see in the photo is just what art is coming from my studio.  And the artwork in the photo is in stages of being gathered and wrapped in prep for putting it in the car for delivery.


4 things I’ve learned about delivering artwork by car to a nearby destination:

  1. Place artwork in the car face to face with a piece of brown paper or bubble-wrap between the artworks.  Ideally each artwork will be wrapped in either the packing paper or the bubble wrap.
  2. Clean towels or blankets are good art wrapping in a pinch.  They are also good for making sure the artwork is well padded/protected (particularly at the corners or edges) during transport.
  3. Nest the artworks together in the car with the largest on bottom/back, descending in size to the smallest on top/front. Wrap/pad with towels and blankets in case of load shift while driving.
  4. Drive slowly and carefully – particularly on turns. Let other people pass you. Smile.

art exhibited


For my fans who live far away and aren’t able to come to the exhibit at The Daily In The Pearl; you can see some of my artworks that were hung there recently by Caplan Art Designs on the gallery website here and you can see a few of them on my website page here:  – and also here:

All of these images were created with my cut-handmade paper technique. I take white handmade paper and give that white paper color and pattern using a variety of methods: dyeing, marbling, stenciling etc… Then when that paper is dry I cut out shapes from the various papers with an Xacto knife and layer them together, with archival glue, to make my images. Yes, it’s rather like putting together a 3D jigsaw puzzle!

If you’ve guessed that doing jigsaw puzzles was one of my favorite things to do when I was a kid – you’re right!

And if you’ve guessed that the Caplan Art Gallery will ship my art anywhere in the world – you’re right about that too!

the art of Oregon coast sketching

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In addition to getting ready for a new one woman art exhibit scheduled for October 2016 via Caplan Art Designs I’ve been working on a new Oregon Coast article. The August 2016 issue of Oregon Coast Magazine currently has an article of mine – and it was such fun to do that I’ve started immediately on a new article!

Which means that when “fine art stuff” and “pattern design stuff” needed to dry recently my wife and I took off for a day along the Oregon Coast.  On the coast I used my on-location sketching kit pictured below and sketched what I saw and experienced as it happened.


Sue Clancy’s portable sketching-on-the-go gear

In my kit: mechanical pencil, eraser, ink pens, paper, a small watercolor set and a clip to keep my pages from blowing in the wind. It all fits in a small bag and can be held in my hand or balanced on my knee at my sketching location.  When something catches my eye during my travels I do quick sketches with my pencil. Then I ink in what lines I want to keep. After that I’ll do some watercolor washes. Generally speaking it takes me about 20 minutes to do a page start to finish – I often work on more than one page at a time. On this sketching trip I did 15 pages total – as well as wrote notes, in longhand, in my sketchbook.

Then once I’m back at the studio sometimes I make an adjustment or two to the pages, and neaten them up (aka, erase pencil lines). My on-the-go kit doesn’t have a lot of greens and blues. So at my studio, for example, I’ll add a few more blue or green colors, if necessary, from my larger studio watercolor set.  Here below is a photo of a few of my new Oregon Coast article pages being touched up.  I do this immediately upon getting home from a trip while everything I experienced is still fresh in my mind.


Sue Clancy’s latest Oregon Coast sketchbook pages being touched up with the larger watercolor set at Sue’s studio.

Next comes the paperwork for my submission to the Oregon Coast magazine editors: photographing my sketchbook pages, creating the digital files, sorting out which pages work best as illustrations, sorting the pages so they tell the best story, writing a cover letter… etc.

And yes, I am likely to create a new artist book from these sketches! I’m also likely to make some new pattern designs based on what I saw on this trip. Which means there will also be some new fine art….

Basically I’m going to be a very busy camper! What fun!

If you’re curious about the current article I have in the August 2016 issue of Oregon Coast Magazine here is a link to a blog post about that:

There’s a great editor in Cybertown, and you found her!


Hey look! A freelance editor friend of mine is going “public” with her editorial-ship-ness! Yea I made up a hyphenated (caffeinated?) word just to play with her mind. You may be thinking “what’s a creative visual artist doing cultivating a friendship with an editor-type?” Well I want to play-well-with-others in the publishing and gallery worlds so it seems a good thing to have my eye’s spotted and my tee’s golfed. Or is that i’s dotted and t’s… See what I mean? Editor’s rule! And Lorna’s a dam* good one – I know because I’ve consulted with her a time or two.

Lorna's Voice

Uh. What? Is something important happening here? Do I need to pay attention? Uh. What? Is something important happening here? Do I need to pay attention?

How many times in the past hoursdaysweeks months have you wondered why your favorite dizzy blonde wonkerific blogger hasn’t been posting as frequently as she used to?

Really? You haven’t noticed what I may or may not have or haven’t been doing or not doing? Shizzlesticks in a mudpie!

Well, wake up and smell your smoking motherboard.

It's good to have options. It’s good to have options.

I’m here to tell you that Lorna is back in Cybertown and she’s been busy being a darned tootin’ fine editor. (By the way, I’m Lorna.)

These are my Professional Editor glasses. I will put them on for the remainder of this post. You WILL notice a difference. These are my Professional Editor Glasses. I will put them on for the remainder of this post. You WILL notice a difference.

Don’t concern yourself that prior sentences in this post may or may not have been technically grammatically correct or that there were words the Oxford Dictionary…

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Coloring Outside the Lines

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Fun interview of me over on ! And, yes, behind that link lurk photos and the deep scarlet secrets of Sue Clancy…

Lorna's Voice

Now that there bear has talent! Now that there bear has talent! I’m assuming he’s alive and sitting up that straight waiting for a treat. Not many children are capable of this trick.

Nobody loves artistic talent more than I do.

Okay. Maybe other people love artistic talent a lot, too. Fine.

Maybe I should have said nobody appreciates artistic talent more than I do.

No, that’s not better.

I’ll stop now.

You probably have surmised that this post has something to do with artistic talent.

And you’d be correct.

Sue Clancy is an illustrator extraordinaire (that’s almost French for awesome).

I met Sue when she took a writing workshop I taught recently.

Not only is Sue illustratorious, she writes well, too. If she wasn’t such a nice, positive, happy person, it would be easy to be miffed at her for being so darned talented.

Sue, being the sweet person she is, showcased me on her…

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