on sketchbooks and sharing

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I tend to live my life with my sketchbook in hand. Consequently this means meeting up with friends and answering the “What have you been doing lately?” questions by handing them my physical sketchbook. More than one friend has looked at my book and said “Why don’t you publish these?”. And I’ve had very loose ambitions of publishing some of them…

But finally after hearing the request for the umpteenth time I’ve begun setting up a system so I can do that. Here’s the link I’m working on – https://sueclancy.com/shop/

And here are some random pages from some of the ebooks currently in my “shop”. I will be publishing more of my sketchbooks and artist books as ebooks as time goes on…

5 thoughts on “on sketchbooks and sharing

  1. Yay! Successful commenting. I can communicate with you again. I am curious about whether you keep separate sketchbooks for different subjects/projects/media or whether you use one sketchbook for all sorts of art experiments and ideas?

    1. Yippee!!! I’m delighted that we can communicate easily again! I’d miss you if we couldn’t! Regarding your question: Oh! I probably need to spell my methods out in a blog post! Lol! But the short answer is – Yes! I do keep separate sketchbooks. I have one that is currently collecting “cat research”, another that is my “kitchen sketches” illustrated recipes, yet another one that is my “running around loose” sketchbook. This last one is the one in a bag that goes with me when I leave the studio and roam the wider world. I also have yet another sketchbook that keeps my “business of art” thoughts and research in it. This last one contains thoughts/advice/conclusions I’ve gleaned from reading and living as an artist for up-teen years. It’s the book I go to when I’m scratching my head wondering how I’d handled “this” last time ’round. Does this answer your question? Maybe I’d better do a blog post on the topic and expand on it a bit??? Good question – thanks!

        1. Lol! And because you asked such a good question I’m working on a blog post that describes, with pictures, my sketchbook keeping methods. It’ll be posted tomorrow 😉 Thanks again!

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