Taking a blog break

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Taking a break to have sun tea and read. Besides my adopted Mom passing within this last week my birthday is upcoming… I need a break. Then I’ll get back to making the art my adopted Mom liked so much. I miss her and always will. (See last post)

I’m still sketching in my sketchbook though. Mom would expect that. See also my email newsletter A.M. Sketching Additionally I’ve made a birthday poem, a tongue-in-cheek talk between my inner child and my adult self. I know Mom would have liked it. Hope you do too. I read my poem outloud here https://youtu.be/K7SXnI8zOUk

Here’s the text of my birthday poem as written in my poetry sketchbook- which I also read from in the video.

Heres another sketchbook page that I’m referring to often these days – and part of why I did the birthday poem.

So anyway I’m posting this blog post earlier than usual. Now to the sun tea and books.

Keep breathing. I’ll check in next Monday.

12 thoughts on “Taking a blog break

  1. I am glad that you are choosing to practice self-care by being selective about how you spend your time. It is always important but even more so during challenging times.

  2. I’m glad you’re taking some time to reflect, grieve and to celebrate the wonderful YOU, Sue. Happy Birthday! Take care, and I hope your break brings healing and refreshes your creative soul.

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