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I met my Christmas deadline (details here) on my “Verry Big Project”, backed away slowly and while my project dried I had a very restful Holiday! Hope your Holiday was good too. Tomorrow the executive director will visit my studio to see and approve my project, discuss installation, paperwork etc! Wish me luck! Here are a few pictures, taken just before Christmas of my work-in-progress:

Painting whiskers on the cat

Painting whiskers on the cat

Using my "Verry Big Brush" to tamp down the newly applied wet-with-dye papers

Using my “Verry Big Brush” to tamp down the newly applied wet-with-dye papers

As hinted above there is plenty more to do on this project before it gets installed in the public lobby of an organization. So more will be posted later – but first let us all have a very Happy New Year!!

If you’re just joining this party other links about my verry big project are here:

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3 thoughts on “verry big progress

  1. Lovely work! Hi!! I just tried to email you using a “verry old” email address. It didn’t work. So I’m going to paste my note below. Miss you! Find me on facebook, linkedin, etc. and I’ll message you my email/physical address.

    Hi Sue! I was just thinking about you and decided to look you up. Whoops!
    Did it really take me THAT long to write back? I’m a bad bad girl. Just
    followed your artist page on facebook and I will try to be better at
    keeping in touch this time.

    I’m now in Michigan. Married to the aforementioned Clint, with a two year
    old son. I’m working for myself doing medical illustration – really busy! A
    little painting on the side, which I think will blossom again once my kiddo
    is in school. Right now I’m squeezing lots of work into not enough time. 🙂
    I’m really lucky that I enjoy it so much though.

    How are you????


    1. Oh!! Glad to hear from you!!! I’ve been thinking about you too! I’ve missed our conversations about biological illustration, medical illustration and general art and life discussions! Sounds like you’re doing good! Congrats! I’m now in Washington state. Married Judy (3 years ago) and we’ll have been together 20 years this year! We absolutely love WA, love the scenery, adore our friends and neighbors, we’re closer to family here – and my art and illustration career has taken off like a rocket. More soon just as soon as I find you… 😉 Thank you for finding me!

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