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It’s getting close to time to unveil my “verrrry big project” the 4 foot by 8 foot artwork I did for the Curtis Children’s Justice Center! As part of my preparations I’ve updated my website with a “public art” tab. And I’m working on my 3 minute speech. I’ll have to come up with something besides “Isn’t it awesome that a place like the Curtis Children’s Justice Center exists?!!!” But that’s pretty much the gist of it.

If you’re just joining the party here’s some links to catch you up:

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And because the Internet likes pretty pictures here is a photo of the wonderful therapy dog at the Children’s Justice Center – who is featured in my artwork that will be unveiled Feb 8th!


a verrry big day

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As they say “it takes a village” to put an artist’s artwork out into the world safely. Especially a “Verrry Big Project”. My public art project is 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide. It took a whole community. The top photo is of a few of my “village” people. The ones not pictured are as important – they’re just quieter. All are deeply appreciated!  The the other pictures this post shows us in action…more details and an unveiling party is still to come. Stay tuned!  For more info see also the posts on my blog here and here. (and you get a gold star if you’ve guessed that my verry big project is for a children’s center of some sort…)

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verry big progress

A Creative Life, fine art, public art

I met my Christmas deadline (details here) on my “Verry Big Project”, backed away slowly and while my project dried I had a very restful Holiday! Hope your Holiday was good too. Tomorrow the executive director will visit my studio to see and approve my project, discuss installation, paperwork etc! Wish me luck! Here are a few pictures, taken just before Christmas of my work-in-progress:

Painting whiskers on the cat

Painting whiskers on the cat

Using my "Verry Big Brush" to tamp down the newly applied wet-with-dye papers

Using my “Verry Big Brush” to tamp down the newly applied wet-with-dye papers

As hinted above there is plenty more to do on this project before it gets installed in the public lobby of an organization. So more will be posted later – but first let us all have a very Happy New Year!!

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