Margaret Atwood Sketch

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I went to Powell’s bookstore to see Margaret Atwood speak about her new book “The Heart Goes Last”.  Here is the sketchbook page I did during the event. The quotes are my perception of what she said – some adult supervision of my accuracy in the quotes may be required.

Here is a juicy link to Margaret Atwood’s website

Her Twitter feed is fun too

And people with better hearing than I’ve got may enjoy this link:

If you haven’t been able to tell from the above – yes, I had a great time at Margaret Atwood’s event at Powell’s!


3 thoughts on “Margaret Atwood Sketch

    1. I wish you’d have been there too. It was quite an interesting talk and a lot funnier than I’d have guessed from the author of “A Handmaids Tale”. During her Q & A session Margaret Atwood was asked if she was depressed a lot since she writes such dystopian novels. She replied (and I’m paraphrasing badly) that “No, she saw her work as similar to telling someone that there’s a large hole in the road. You tell people about the hole so that they don’t fall in it. If you wanted people to fall in the hole you’d keep quiet.” Then she went on to say that being a writer was the most hopeful profession – you can’t be depressed and be a writer because you’re always hoping to write well, to find a publisher, that the audience will like what you’ve written, that the books will sell…

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