The Fur Suit Of Happiness

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Today, after delivering one piece of artwork (see the last post here), I’m packing up 24 of my art pieces to be delivered to Caplan Art Designs . Oct 5th, First Thursday, during the evening is the opening of my new exhibit The Fur Suit Of Happiness.

Here’s a picture of some of the artworks ready to be loaded into the car. Yes, there are both dogs and cats in this exhibit!


Here’s the exhibit statement:

The Fur Suit Of Happiness by Clancy

What if being happy isn’t a fleeting feeling to pursue. What if happiness is something to accept? I’ve been watching dogs and cats. They seem to specialize in enjoying a patch of sunlight, a walk in the rain, a warm comfortable lap and a good dinner. They seem to accept and be happy with very small things. I can learn something from this. This exhibit is me taking notes.

2 thoughts on “The Fur Suit Of Happiness

  1. I love the idea behind your exhibition – and not just because of the pun in the title. We do need to take time to observe the small stuff because we appreciate it when we see it.

    1. Thanks Laura – Just delivered all the artwork today and it soothes the savage artist-beast to hear that you “get it”! Thank you – I needed to hear that!

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