Birthday week, a pig and books

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Starting birthday week one of our friends made homemade focaccia bread and served it to the 5 of us friends in a basket covered with one of my fabric designs and – and! – AND! – she made a homemade bourbon cake too that was simply amazing!!!!! What a perfect way to start my birthday week!!!

P.S. my fabric design can be found here

Here’s a photo of the homemade bourbon cake!! Isn’t it a beauty??!! And it tasted even better!! Our friend shared the link to the recipe!

To celebrate with my online friends I shared many of my favorite drawings on my Substack. Below are only 2 of them are pictured. Click here to see more.

One night in the early part of birthday week we went to the Underbar with our Fairy Goddaughter who took this photo of us with the bar owner before the live comedy show started. They make a very good hamburgers at Underbar and when my burger came it had a birthday candle in it! šŸ¤£ Fairy Goddaughter also gave us a book titled “No Two Persons” by Erica Bauermeister! Looking forward to reading it! What a special fun time with our Fairy Goddaughter! šŸ¤—

At the Underbar our Fairy Goddaughter filmed me blowing out the candle on my birthday burger!!!

Besides all of the celebrating during the week I did sneak in a bit more work on my 3D box project for upcoming exhibit at Caplan Art Designs. I shared the beginning of it with you in my last post. Here’s the progress…

And I spent time reading this delightful book… The Art Of The Wasted Day by Patricia Hampl. It’s a good reminder of the importance of regularly letting your mind leisurely wander and wonder.

More celebrating happened, with just me and my wife, on the actual day of my birthday – we had a brunch of Danish pancakes and Swedish coffee at Broder Nord. If you’re not familiar the Danish pancakes – or Aebleskivers – they’re small, smaller than your fist, and round like a popover roll but bread-y like a pancake yet not as sweet as a donut. You pry them open to spread or dip them in lemon curd and lingonberry jam. Yum!

After brunch my wife took me for a birthday bookstore extravaganza at Powell’s! We spent over 3 leisurely hours in the bookstore! It was just the very thing I wanted! Many of these books are part of my bibliography for my current art projects and others are just for fun. However the line between project related bibliography and just for fun is very blurry! Here’s the haul!!! šŸ‘‡

Later the same day there was pizza and beer for the two of us at the Hungry Sasquatch!

Afterward we walked a few blocks for ice cream at Ice Cream Renaissance!!

On still another day we met some of our family members for even more birthday-ness… with beer and food at the Loyal Legion. There were well over 55 beers to choose from so we had to do research šŸ¤£

To celebrate more with my online friends I also shared a silly birthday shenanigan (a hand written original parody poem written and performed by the birthday lady aka me) on my email newsletter šŸ‘‡

Such a fun week was birthday week!!!

Yes, there are troubles in this world, but having dear friends and family to celebrate small simple things like a birthday with is the best, most priceless gift of all!! Thank you for celebrating with me!!!

See you next Monday!

5 thoughts on “Birthday week, a pig and books

    1. It was a ton of fun! And, yes, I loved being surrounded by people I love! We couldn’t all get together in the same time and place due to various schedules – so I quite happily had multiple parties šŸ¤£ And thank you for celebrating with me too!!! ā¤

    1. Lol! I think I really did gain pounds šŸ¤£ Fortunately for my waistline birthday week is over! Yes, that birthday candle in my burger was a hoot!! And thank you for your kind words about my pig box…I hope to finish it by next Monday šŸ¤ž

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