from my kitchen sketchbook

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It’s been hot and I’ve been busy – so my cooking activities have been of the quick-fix-no-stove sort. To catch you up here’s the last kitchen sketchbook post:

And here are some recent recipe gouache and ink sketches from my kitchen sketchbook (BTW: when we ran out of fresh strawberries I substituted frozen blueberries in the “Dessert Anatomy” sketch)

Here’s another artist’s helpful blog post that tells how to make a sketchbook in 5 minutes:

3 thoughts on “from my kitchen sketchbook

  1. Your sandwich recipe is very reminiscent of something my Grandad used to make us on picnics. He’d picked it up from living in Malta. He’d take a big chunk of bread, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper, a slice of cheese, and then he’d smoosh an overripe tomato on the top. We’d eat it as an open topped sandwich. It was always delicious.

    1. Oh yum!! What your Grandad did sounds wonderful!! I’ll have to try that variation. Do you make the sandwich yourself now? Or something like?

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