from my kitchen sketchbook

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Around the edges of working on cat portraits I’ve still been working with gouache. Specifically I’ve been testing it in my bound sketchbooks. Here are several pages, created with gouache and ink, in my current “kitchen sketchbook”.  I have a series of kitchen sketchbooks, they are all small, around  3 by 5 inches, and I give each book a silly name. These books contain drawings of a recipe I was then-currently cooking – or a depiction of something I was drinking and eating. The following pages are from my “Mouthpiece Four” kitchen sketchbook.  I have ambitions of publishing these sketchbooks… but that’s another blog post topic.

6 thoughts on “from my kitchen sketchbook

  1. I always enjoy your illustrated recipes. The balance between illustration, text, and food just appeals to me. I now have a craving to make guacamole. I have already made it twice this week but I don’t think anyone will complain if it appears again.

    1. I’ll bet no one will complain if you make guacamole again! If my nephews are anything to go by – boys happily eat about anything that isn’t nailed down! So glad you like my illustrated recipes because I think I have a habit of doing them 😉

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