I see readers everywhere

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Living in the Pacific Northwest I see readers at the gym, at bus stops, in parks, sitting outside on benches, in the cafes, wineries, pubs and bistros – just about everywhere I look a book is in someone’s hand. Needless to say the library is a popular place as is the beloved locally owned bookstore, Vintage Books.

Below are a few of my sketches of people I’ve seen out and about. Along with quotes and musings.

Because I’ve been depicting people reading so much in my fine art it’s probably no surprise that in my sketchbook I’ve been drawing people reading. Anyway, here’s a few more drawings from my sketchbook:

Lately, however, I’ve thought that there’s perhaps a value in showing my sketchbook pages, putting a human face, so to speak, on creative doings and beings. I’m even thinking I might gather some of these into a book. What do you think? Do you like seeing my sketches too?

14 thoughts on “I see readers everywhere

  1. What a wonderful series of sketches. A few months ago, when I was in the waiting room at the orthodontist office, as I often am, the receptionist commented about how I am the only parent who ever brings an actual physical book to read while waiting. Since then, I have been noticing the waiting around situations in which I am the only one looking at a page instead of a screen.

    1. It’s an amazing thing to be aware of: the books/devices. I find myself aware of places that have TVs and those that dont. The dentist I have now has only magazines no TVs in the wait room which I find more pleasing

    1. Thanks Becky for your comment!! I agree – books, drinks and food go together! Hey, I may make an illustration with that thought!! Lol!!

    1. Thanks Charles. It really has been amazing to see, once I started looking, how many readers there are!

    1. Thank you for your comment!! I’ll keep it up!! And yes, you’re correct, I did take some artistic license with the socks! But not far off what the Pacific Northwest people often wear!! πŸ˜„

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