illustrated poem aka birthday card

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Some twins I’m lucky enough to know turned one year old today. So in collaboration with my wife, I wrote a poem and illustrated it for them. It was a good opportunity to practice art word combinations. And I think they’ll like it. Their parents and grandparents seemed to.  Anyway here’s a picture of the birthday card:


I used a fountain pen to write the poem text this time.  Last time I’d illustrated one of my poems I’d used brush and ink. For this birthday poem lower case letters were used. I like the lower case style. At least for this poem…  The fountain pen was easier to control (and something I’m used to) and the neatness of the type and the softness of the lower case style are pleasing to me.

When I’d finished lettering the poem I then drew the illustration in brush and ink. After that dried I used gouache to give it color.  That method too was an experiment in using ink and gouache in combination.

I am pleased with the resulting art word combination and will likely do that again; lower case letters and all.

What do you think of this lettering style?

6 thoughts on “illustrated poem aka birthday card

  1. What a sweet and wonderful gift and what lucky wee recipients they are. The typography is perfect and really suits the subject. Your experiments with ink and gouache were a roaring success as far as I can tell.

    1. Thanks Laura! I appreciate your comment. I used the Super Black India Ink with the gouache. When I used the Sumi ink it bled – I was afraid the gouache would bleed the Super Black too – but it worked! Whew! I’ll keep practicing on the typography and illustration suitability… thanks again.

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