recipe illustration finished

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I’ve finished the recipe illustration I’ve been working on for Chef Sebastian Carosi.  I shared it with the chef and he said “I absofuckinglutely love this!”.  So I take that as a good sign he’s happy with my illustration:


I was curious about whether the printing/production method I typically use would allow me to post a recipe that included cannabis. So to test that I uploaded the digital file. You can see it here:

or here:

I did use the “mature content” designation on the Society 6 site – but it looks like it will work!

2 thoughts on “recipe illustration finished

  1. The whole thing is so much fun, especially that character you have created. I have never considered cooking with cannabis oil – have actually never used it in any capacity – so you’ve taught me something new.

    1. Thanks Laura! It was a fun challenge to create the character – and to make “hands” out of the leaf. I’d not ever encountered cooking with cannabis oil either until Chef Sebastian asked me to illustrate for him. I learned something new too! I had a small bowl of his soup and it was so good. Not intoxicating but relaxing/mellowing. I’m thinking it’d be a good first course during the holiday – Lol!

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