15 thoughts on “Figures Of Speech and writing artist statements

  1. Writing about your art as a mean to get people to engage with it must be a challenge. However, I think of you as very skillful at articulating your creative processes, both in terms of thought and in producing the art. I am sure you do a great job of it every time. Best of luck with the exhibition!

  2. I really like your artist’s statement. If you were in my writing class, I’d give it an A for the holy trinity of effective writing: purpose, audience, context. Some artist’s statements seem to have little connection with the artwork I’m looking at, with language so abstract, I can’t parse it for meaning.

    1. Oh wow!!!! Thank you!!! You know now I’m going to bounce around exaulting “I got an A from Liz!!!” for a while!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  3. I love the title of your exhibit!!! and your statement sounds to the point and as if it covers everything! I hate writing stuff like that BTW.

    1. Thank you so much!!! I appreciate your comment!! Yes, writing stuff like this really is a challenge… so are writing book blurbs… music album jackets… I’m beginning to think a new Booker-type prize could be awarded to whoever consistently writes good statements, blurbs, pitches, jackets etc… over the year.
      And seriously thank you again for your support!!

  4. Your art room supervisor is a great distraction from all the work you have set up in front of you. Mine will not stay with me so I remain unsupervised! I love your artist statement : it is simple, easy to understand for non artists, and does not have the senseless gobbledygook that just confuses everyone.

    Enjoy the winery!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I’m finishing packing up everything for delivery on Tuesday the day after Memorial day! Then the exhibit opens June 2!! 🤯🤪
      Your canine supervisor obviously trusts you implicitly to stay on task in the studio without suddenly wandering into the kitchen to try a new recipe or staying too long in the studio and forgetting about important things like walks… my supervisor however feels a need to keep a close eye…🤣
      And thank you for your kind words about my artist statement! I don’t like gobbledygook either!!!!

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