Outside of the box 4th edition

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I continued work this week on my 3d box sculpture for upcoming exhibit at the Caplan Art Designs Gallery that I’d mentioned in my last post and finished it. Specifically, as I worked towards final touches, I looked at more cardboard and learned about the various symbols printed on boxes and what they mean.

Of all the possible cardboard box symbols- I chose the “this way up” symbol. In my art the “23” denotes the year I made it whereas in the real world on a cardboard box that type of number would indicate the edge crush test rating.

I did a bit more to the elephant character – but not too much.

After adding the box upright marks on the sides and adding highlights to the elephant… while all of the sides dried, I examined still more cardboard box bottoms for what kinds of marks are typically there.

When the sides of my sculpture were dry I turned my sculpture over and signed my name in a parody of cardboard box standards 😁🤣

Below are some of the official photos that I’ve taken for the Caplan Art Designs Gallery of my newly finished 3d sculpture that I’m titling… oh, I’ll bet you can guess… “Thinking Outside The Box”

Next I will varnish this sculpture but I won’t do photos of, or blog about, that process…🤣

Also this week Kathryn Vercillo asked me lots of questions about my artwork and how it relates to mental health. This interview relates directly to why I create the artwork I do. Very candidly I told all… I mean really told it all. 👇

Art and Mental Health Interview with Sue Clancy

I hope your week is pleasant and that you notice when it is. See you next Monday.

16 thoughts on “Outside of the box 4th edition

        1. I’ve looked the term up and as I said in my other comment – you’re so correct!! That term does well and truly relate to my painting!!! Thank you!!! Thank you for all the ways you expand my world!!! ❤❤❤❤

    1. Oooh!!! I’ve looked up the term “method acting” and you’re absolutely correct!! That term does indeed relate to my painting!! Thank you so much for that term!!!! ❤❤

  1. I haven’t been stopping in much lately, but I see the notifications and always wish you well, Sue. 😀 I absolutely LOVE the elephant painter on your box, and the 3-D effects are incredibly well done. It took me a while to decided if there was really a chain hanging there or not. The ‘regular’ box symbols add a fun element too. Brava!
    I hope you enjoy what’s left of the summer!!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful comment!!! I chuckled that you took a while to decide if the chain was real!! 🤣🤣 Thank you!!!
      I always wish you well too whenever I see notifications from you too!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Congratulations on completing this project! The finished box looks amazing and the details are very deceptive. You’ve taught me a lot about the humble cardboard box along the way as I confess I have never given much thought to what all of those symbols and markings mean.

    1. I hadn’t given cardboard boxes much thought either until this project! 🤣 Making art is such a fun way to learn about the world. When I was looking at cardboard boxes regarding their colors and textures I noticed that the 9 various boxes I was looking at had similar markings and symbols so I started researching them. That made me realize that for my artwork to properly “read” as a cardboard box I had to have some of those box-standard symbols in my art. Then after learning what symbols are most often used I had to decide which of those to keep/leave out so as to have my art read as “box” at a first glance. It was hard to choose. It was also hard to decide whether to paint tape or tape residue on the box or not. I opted to leave off any appearances of any kind of tape.
      I really am glad you like what I’ve done!!! Thank you!!!

      1. I know what you mean about that kind of attention to detail being an opportunity to learn. That was something I discovered when I was doing my “animals wearing clothes” project. I noticed all of these ways to fasten clothes or construct shoes, for instance, that I had never really paid much attention to.

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!