9 thoughts on “Peanut Boater and PNW poetry prose bugs

  1. I always envy your access to a wide array of fabulous bookstores but one with vintage crates as shelves and cat – especially the cats – has to be the winner of all those bookstores. I also love the idea of a speakeasy that serves delicious food and drinks while also preserving history. That’s fabulous. And, as you so wisely observe, we must value our history in order not to repeat it and its errors. In an era when so many are intent on dragging us backwards, the rest of us must do all we can to advocate and fight for progress and ensure such attitudes are relegated to history.

    1. Yes! Absolutely we must each do all we can to maintain forward social progress!! I’m committed to doing what I can to help us maintain our human spirits, our mental health and to promote the idea of continuing self-care and self-education. Having once lived in Oklahoma with its anti-intellectualism and its lack of bookstores and libraries… support for education, literacy, independent bookstores, public libraries has become essential for me. Reading and education are intertwined with creativity… and are related to democracy. Any way I can share the love of books and cats, and the spirit uplift therein, with others I do. We’re in this together!
      On another note: I totally agree with you the bookstore with the cats, vintage crates was indeed a winner!

    1. Me too. Oh me too. It’s also rekindling my deep desire to create, to write and draw and read and cook and in any way I can to help my friends maintain their own creative spirits. I cannot change the world but if I can make a friend smile or laugh or feel heard, valued and loved then I will have success.

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!