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Followers of my artwork already know that I like to play with the book format. Does a book always have to be bound on one edge? I don’t think so. It also doesn’t have to be conventional-book-shaped. With this in mind I’m working with Chef Kim Mahan ( to create an unconventional cookbook titled “Kim Cooks Sue Draws”.  More details here:

Here’s the logo-label I drew using ink and color pencil. (and yes, this is a caricature of the Chef Kim and me)


Our book is not, and will not be, conventionally bound. In fact it might not be called a “book” by some people because it has recipes as tea towels, art prints and greeting cards.  Eventually individual recipe-cards will be available (curated by the Chef for particular purposes) for home cooks to use on clipboards or under refrigerator magnets.

Though “Kim Cooks Sue Draws” is not bound along a spine it is a collection of related thoughts connected together in an obvious way. Which, in my opinion, is what a “book” really is.

So “Kim Cooks Sue Draws” is another artist book from me – and I’m lucky that Chef Kim is willing to play with me in this unconventional way. We both see this “book” as a set of playful yet practical artworks that you can use at home to cook, eat and share with people you love.

If this cookbook is to be considered “bound” in any way it would be on this website  – I use the word “bound” here to signify “collected together in one spot”.  I’m sure the Chef will have additional places to put “Kim Cooks Sue Draws” both online and in her classroom.

The Chef and I are in the appetizer-days of this project and we have a full multi-course menu of plans… oh boy do we have plans! Please stay seated at the table… more yummy to come!

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    1. Thank you so much Laura!! I lucked in to this way of thinking-beyond-traditional-forms by replying “yes” when people asked me if I could do “X” and then figuring out how to do it. I loved the “puzzle” and found that it made me happy to meet someone’s need with my skills – and create something fun. I’m glad to hear that reading about my projects is fun for you too! I’ll try to keep posting…lately I’ve been so busy in my studio that I’ve not had the time to post. Still working on that time-management thing. Think I always will be. 😉

    1. Thanks Alexis! We’re having fun with it. I’m still giggling about the idea that you can wipe your hands on a recipe (a tea towel)! Thanks for sharing in the adventure.

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