Hare heritage and narrators

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I’m finishing up a fine art commission for someone’s holiday present. So instead of talking about that – here’s a painting I finished just before the holiday rush began. Titled “Hare Heritage” and created with ink and gouache.

Hare Heritage by Clancy – ink and gouache on board

Yes, this piece is a new one within my readers series. (You can see more of the series here www.sueclancy.com/fine-art )

As I work I’m experimenting with the 3rd person omniscient narrator – and other narrator writing techniques. The viewer of Hare Heritage (the third person) can see and speculate on 2 visual story-lines within this painting.

It’s a fun challenge to apply writing techniques to fine art! And using the topic of readers and books adds to the pun.

3 thoughts on “Hare heritage and narrators

  1. I am happy to see a hare pop up in your artwork. Where I grew up (Fife), there were always hares in the fields. I have not since lived anywhere that lets me see hares in the wild so hares always make me think of childhood memories.

    1. So glad to give you a reminder of good memories! Here where I live there are wild rabbits that can be seen when walking on the riverfront. Good memories featuring rabbits are forming…🥰

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