Short poems in the Reel world, letter soup and odd dogs

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Imagination and poetry were on my mind this week. I’ve been thinking of our mental ecosystems and the landscape of our minds. So this week I did a portrait of a Shih Tzu this week for upcoming exhibits via Caplan Art Designs which I’ve titled “In Imagination”.

“In Imagination” by Clancy- 10 x 8 inches- ink, gouache and collage on board

Here’s a closer view of what’s on the dog’s mind.

As I mentioned in my last post there was still some promotional work with Storyberries to be done about How The Cow Went Over The Moon and Tiny Notes To The Sun. I did a video on YouTube talking about making the books and I shared the video with Storyberries for their promo use. Here’s the link

Storyberries said “Great! Can you do it as an Instagram Reel?” And I replied “A Reel? I’ll have to Google whatever that is…” So I Googled and found this article as well as others. I also talked more with Storyberries about Reels because they’ve been doing Reels longer than I have.

Turns out that doing a Reel was fairly easy to figure out. I still have more to learn but I did turn the above YouTube video into a Reel on Instagram

Then to practice further I put my Tiny Notes visual poem by itself as a Reel on Instagram. I think you can see it here –

Additionally for promoting “How The Cow…” I submitted it to Apple Books as an ebook and was accepted! This brings the total number of books by me on Apple to 15! I’m proud of that! If you scroll down this page you can see more of my books.

Also in the promotion of How the Cow… Bonnie showcased my work on her blog I just love how the online creative community supports and encourages each other! I appreciate all the help I get when it comes to letting people know my work exists. (If you’re a writer please check out Bonnie’s blog.)

As you know from my last post I’ve been thinking of poetry as a rhythmic visual sequence. So I played with a short sequence of drawings and published it as poem on a coffee mug. To me the sentiment in my poem fit the trying-to-get-started morning need for caffine. I also used these drawings as test content for making another Instagram Reel. Im trying to practice this because suddenly I’m seeing the very short videos as another way to share my visual content… and I can imagine doing more collaboration with Storyberries this way too!

Speaking of very short poems: a whole lot of progress happened on my newest experimental art poem…

I finished painting the content and the cover art. Then I cut out the cover art and glued it onto the outside of the 2 inch square concertina book.

Here’s an early peek at the finished original artist book. As I mentioned in my last post I don’t want to show too much of the punchline before Storyberries has a chance to distribute it. They’ve tentatively scheduled it for release Mar 12 so slowly over this next week I’ll post more in public on social media. But for my dear blog followers here’s an advance look at the original artwork.

Here I am, with canine supervisory assistance, setting up the digital files for sending to Storyberries.

And here’s what’s on my laptop screen.

My thinking is about the mechanism of ebook flow on Storyberries and fitting a visual poem rhythm to that. The ebooks on Storyberries flow up and down so my question is can I do poetic rhythms, repetitions and surprises in a way that takes advantage of that? Can a viewers eye “read” an implied connection between the up/down pages? It’s fun to experiment and play with what a poem and a book can be!

Here’s a peek at the ebook version. I’m thinking the viewers will make the transition between the pages just fine… what do you think?

While “A Scoop Of Letter Soup” seems really simple there was a lot of thinking and planning behind it, possibly more planning than I’ve done for my more complicated works. I think of “A Scoop…” as a little treat rather like how a baker puts a lot of time and effort into making something yummy that’s eaten in a moment.

This week I also cut, folded, trimmed and glued handmade paper into what I call “book blanks” concertina books that are ready for my content. I have some more plans for future artist books and this is part of getting ready for book content production.

Sometimes I have bought blank concertina books from an art supply store but generally I find it more satisfying to make my own. I can choose my own paper for the book and make it a size and length needed for the projects I have in mind.

Below is a photo of my evening reading list. Three of the four books pictured talk about the playful, generous nature of poetry and books in general and ways language itself can be a form of loving and caring. I’m enjoying thinking of how poetry and stories can be useful mental landscape construction tools for creating pleasant mind-scapes.

And Good Omens by Terry Pratchett is just plain fun to read.

I hope your mind is your preferred landscape and that it is especially beautiful this week. See you next Monday.

20 thoughts on “Short poems in the Reel world, letter soup and odd dogs

  1. The concertina book is fantastic. I also enjoy how coherent and cohesive the entirety of your projects are, the way you connect the theme to the structure to the content to the cover.

    Also, wouldn’t it be great if we could actually see in some kind of visual bubble what our animal companions are thinking about?

      1. Me too!!! I’m fairly certain my dachshund is regularly thinking “Can we go have snacks and cuddle on the couch while reading books now? How about now?” Seriously though – I’m thinking that playfully exploring what dogs and cats think will be a fun project!

        1. That would be a fun project! Mr. Johnson would be thinking, “Time for a walk, must exterminate all the moles–and the mice and the frogs and the chipmunks . . . ”

          1. Lol!!! What a fun description of his thoughts!!!! It’s on the tip of my fingers to type “I could do a portrait of Mr Johnson and those thoughts for my new art and book series!” but I don’t want to presume…😁

            1. Oh!! Thank you!!! Please tell Mr. Johnson that he is a scholar and a gentleman!!! Would he mind to send a few head and shoulders photos for my reference to my email please? Thank you both!!! ❤❤

    1. Thank you so much for noticing that I do try to have every element in my books be coherent!! I appreciate that and feel “seen” – that means so much to me!!! Thank you!!!
      And I am indeed thinking it will be fun to play with what might be on a dog or cats mind!!! ❤💕

  2. I love your painting of the Shih Tzu with the teal background! My daughter has a much-beloved Shih Tzu. I also love the last page of “A Scoop of Letter Soup.” It’s perfect!

  3. I love the ‘Scoop’ book, and I think it does translate a rhythm in the electronic version, though for me, there’s a flow to the photograph of the actual book that’s ultimately more appealing. I think it’s partly the better capture of the paper texture, and it’s definitely due to the continuous seamless flow of the image from page to page in the original book and photo of it, where the electronic version has white lines between what are now separate images. That said, I do believe it fulfills your concept of a rhythm and reveal. So mission accomplished. And I think an original will always carry something much different than duplicate copies made from it. The idea is to have each deliver it’s own medium well, and in my opinion, you’ve done that with your lovely ‘Scoop.’

    1. Thank you so much for the thoughtful critique! I appreciate it!! And yes, the tactile sense of the original is the best!! I will work on trying to keep that a bit better in future ebooks for Storyberries… technology has limits sometimes but that’s where creativity comes in right?! What can be done within these limits?! 🕺❤ Thank you again!!!

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!