Pocket Full on new paper

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I was given some art paper during the holiday. So I wrote a poem, illustrated it and folded it into an artist book. It’s titled “Pocket Full” and is a limited edition of 2 unique books.

“Pocket Full” poem and art by Clancy

Btw: Edition 1 already has been sent to a collector. Contact me privately if you’re interested in Edition 2.

coffee book featured in Colorado

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My artist book “Coffee Beans Plus H2o” is featured at the Abecedarian Gallery in Colorado!  I’ve loved it that the gallery owner and some other artist’s who’ve commented privately  have “gotten it” that in this book I was playing with a concept of time! I’d worried about whether that was getting across so I can’t tell you how much it feeds my artist soul to hear supportive “I understand this” comments from people – and from people in the book-arts-field too! Wahoo!! I’m happy dancing around my art studio today!!  Thank you thank you everyone!!!

Check out the gallery website here: http://abecedariangallery.com/store/product-category/new-and-featured-inventory/ – scroll down where they list the “new and featured inventory” – and lookee there’s my work among some other really awesome book-arts work! Wow! Pinch me – am I dreaming? Look at the other artist’s work – Wow impressive!

And here’s the specific gallery page about my book: http://abecedariangallery.com/store/shop/sue-clancy-coffee-beans-plus-h20/


Coffee Beans Plus H2o by Sue Clancy – an artist book handmade with hand carved printing blocks and printmaking techniques applied on used coffee filters as a way of artistically exploring the concept of time. 

You can also find additional info about this book on my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTz7Wzr-bj2RbePAsbrHmLw

my book art in Nebraska

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Tonight’s the night! Some time back I’d posted about artwork that I was sending to the Constellation Studio Gallery in Nebraska… and tonight is the opening party!! This exhibit and project is a big-deal-international-book-arts-collaboration of artistic “interpretations of urbanity”! So when I say “party” I mean world-wide PARTY!!!

Here, for the curious, is the link to my post about the artwork I’d sent to Nebraska an eon ago https://sueclancy.com/2016/09/15/more-star-stuff/  Yes, Virginia, you can see my actual artwork in that link above.

And here is a photo of the exhibit sent to me via the gallery director! (Thanks Karen!)  My artwork is in there… somewhere.


Installation view of the exhibit at Constellation Studio Gallery in Nebraska (work by Sue Clancy is in this photo… somewhere)

Here is an image with the details about the party tonight… and about the exhibit in general. Did I mention that this is a big-deal-international-collaboration?!

And I’m proud and honored to be a part of it!!  Going to go happy dance around my studio!


Details about “Invisible Cities” at Constellation Studio in Nebraska


artist book rabbit

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Practicing my video techniques again in prep for filming my pop-up book “A Fish Story” (see more about that elsewhere on my blog)… this time I’m practicing video with a rabbit. Even had to “trim” my original video. But don’t worry, no actual bunnies were harmed in the production of this artist book or the film of it.

coffee accepted

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Just found out that my artist book “Coffee Please?” was accepted for the upcoming Wanderlust exhibit at the 23 Sandy Gallery!! http://www.23sandy.com/  I’m excited! More info about, and pictures of, “Coffee Please?” here: https://sueclancy.com/category/artist-book/  Going to go do my happy dance now!!

side A of "Coffee Please?" by Sue Clancy - a unique handmade artist book

side A of “Coffee Please?” by Sue Clancy – a unique handmade artist book

recycling paper art

handmade books


After any completed fine art or illustration collage project I have lots of handmade-one-of-a-kind papers leftover. Since I made the paper – spent several days creating it for specific works of fine art/illustration – I don’t want to throw the special-to-me art paper away or put it in a recycle bin. So for a number of years now me (and my wife Judy) have solved the problem of what-to-do-with-too-much-paper by creating little “cigarette pack” size books out of the above mentioned scrap paper and selling them via a project called Art O Mat http://www.artomat.org/ !  We’ve recently been getting another batch of books ready to ship to the folks at Art O Mat and I’ve almost got the studio cleaned up and ready for the next fine art/illustration project! What fun! Oh, btw many of my own sketchbooks (sample pages seen on this blog) have been hand sewn similarly to what you see in the picture. (You can also see more about this project on sueclancy.com under the books menu.)