Coffee and blank books

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This week has definitely been caffeinated. My art commission for Caplan Art Designs is buzzing nicely. The Bainbridge Island Art Museum sent news this week that my book Coffee Beans Plus H2O is included in an exhibit catalogue “Open Sesame” that will come out in March 2023!

Lots of creative things are percolating! Here’s a video look at my book Coffee Beans Plus H2O.

The portfolio page on my website has more photos and info.

In last Monday’s post I shared a pig painting I began with the excess blue paint I had as a result of the still in progress secret art commission. Well, here’s progress on the pig painting. The week has been very busy so I’m glad to have this much done on a new painting.

I still make many of my artist books from scratch – hand sewing the bindings, paper folding and all. Coffee Beans Plus H2O is one example. Patchwork Poems is another. But some time ago I got some very valuable advice from Laura Russell at the 23 Sandy Gallery (an artist book gallery I work with). Laura encouraged me to focus on my book content, my stories and illustrations, as not so much on creating complicated book bindings. So nowadays I buy and use well-constructed blank books to write and draw in. Many of the books I buy have sewn bindings and will lay flat while in use. Quality of paper and the ability to lay flat are attributes I seek in my blank books.

There’s a locally owned art supply store, not far from where I live, Columbia Art and Drafting, that regularly has good quality sketchbooks in their “buy one get one free” section. I like to go through this section like a vacuum cleaner, hoovering up sketchbooks!! 🀣

Here’s what I got: six 3 x 5 inch hardcover sketchbooks for pen and ink work, two 5.5 x 8.5 inch hardcover sketchbooks for heavy watercolor and gouache work, two 6 x 9 inch hardcover books and four 8.5 x 11 inch hardcover books all of which will accept ink, color pencil and light watercolor and gouache work! When we got home from the art supply store I started right away on a drawing in one of the new blank books… which will get shared on my email newsletter later this week and I will continue sharing as time goes.

Here’s a limerick I wrote and illustrated about blank books.

Here’s a delightful article about journaling and what’s good about keeping a journal.

And Sketchbook Skool is fun too – lots of videos with drawings in action.

Hope your blank books will soon contain your very own delights! See you next Monday or so.

9 thoughts on “Coffee and blank books

  1. I think that coffee filter book is so very “Sue Clancy”. There’s the subject matter, of course, and the motif of mugs that often appear on your work; but there is also just the wonderful wit and creativity of your artistic mind to look at using filters as a substrate and the use of the text to mimic the flow of the liquid. Really incredible stuff.

    As I shared over on Instagram, pigs are among my most favourite animals of all time so I look forward to seeing more progress on this pig painting.

    I am curious as to what you do with all of your completed sketchbooks. Mine are all just stuffed in a cardboard box in our storage room but I imagine you have a much better storage solution.

    1. Lol!!!! I love your comment!!!! Thank you!!!!!! I’m very delighted to hear you like pigs because I seem to be popping out in pigs all over…🀣… aka several pig themed paintings in progress!!!
      As far as what I do with my completed sketchbooks: the most recently completed one is on the kitchen table where it’ll be until I’ve published it all on my email newsletter. The last few finished sketchbooks are on a shelf in my studio next to my easel for handy reference. The farther past sketchbooks, but still completeed within the last year, are on another shelf in the studio. Books from years past are kept in a small chest of drawers at the end of our hallway just outside the studio door. Above the chest of drawers are shelves of reference books. I’ll take a photo and share…. thanks for asking!!!

    1. No? Not seen a pig in a bikini? Well, stick with me kid… 😘🀣
      I’ll share the sketchbook fun I have…pigs and all…🀣🀣

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