Discretion and a psalm

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Here’s a dog portrait in my Odditerrarium series. A bird dog exercising discretion. 🀣 Yes, I laugh at my own jokes. This painting is 8 x 10 inches and created with ink, gouache and collage on board.

Here’s a closer look.

Jokes aside – as I worked on this painting I was thinking that it’s not our first thought or an event that’s the important factor it’s our second thought and the actions we do next in response. It’s having the discretion to choose wisely what our next thoughts and actions will be that’s most important.

That thought popped up again when I made a mistake in my sketchbook. I started to attribute the quote to Seneca but it was by Epictetus. So I shared how I fixed the mistake I’d made, in permanent ink, in my sketchbook in this email newsletter titled: 95% of being an artist (or a human) is knowing how to deal well with mistakes.

Here’s my sketchbook with the mistake corrected.

This week Amy, the owner of the Caplan Art Designs gallery came to pick up the Odditerrarium series for exhibit in October. It was great to see her and visit!!

Here’s the box of 20 artworks – many of them new for the October exhibit. I’m still enjoying being a miniature artist and having an entire exhibit fit in one box!!

After the visit with Amy I made notes about our discussion of future projects then I celebrated my accomplishment with time to read! This book pictured below was very hard to put down! While reading it feels like I’m on a vacation. Here’s a link for book info in my books to cheer up by booklist: https://bookshop.org/books/a-psalm-for-the-wild-built/9781250236210?aid=86356&listref=books-to-cheer-up-by

Do you ever get suddenly tired of typing? I do. I have more I’d love to share with you about this book (in the pic above), about my projects in progress… but my typing fingers are tired. So I leave you with a sketchbook doodle and a hope that your week is pleasant. See you next Monday.

8 thoughts on “Discretion and a psalm

  1. How fun to have an exhibition of your work, Sue. I love your doodles and hand-writing. I recently read best-seller The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse, and it was handwritten prose with illustrations. Your doodles made me think of that book. They’re wonderful.

    1. Oh thank you!!! And thanks for the kind comparison to Charlie Mackesy’s work. I love that book too! I’m enamored of doing as much hand drawing and writing as possible and publishing it as is – It’s been my experience thus far that people enjoy the handmade touches. When I did my illustrated poetry book Patch La Belle and hand created everything including the covers- the computers had trouble with it – allegedly that’s bad re publicity according to publishing norms but the humans found it hilarious! And that’s what matters to me. So it delights me to hear from people like you who enjoy handmade drawings and handwriting! Thank you!! ❀

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