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This week we had a fully vaccinated family gathering planned. So these pages of my “How To Draw A Dragon” were the only ones nearly finished this week.

Also just before the family visit the Aurora Gallery wanted more of my books and signed green dragon bookplates so delivery arrangements were quickly made. (Details about these books on my portfolio page.)

And then family came! It was very good to see them all! At one point we had a mini family reunion of 10 people! Especially after hardly seeing them during 2020 it was a treat to get to visit in person! I was grateful we were all fully vaccinated. Still I worried about everyone’s health and safety. But everyone was careful of everyone else. (So proud of my caring loving family!) We spent almost the entire week outside on our patio and in our yard. When we were inside to sleep we had all of the windows open and fans running. I was grateful too for nice weather with the high temperatures in the low 80’s and low temperatures in the 60’s.

My morning sketchbook work more or less continued while I made and served breakfast. More on that later.

My brother-in-law Jim had a career in the military in electronics and was a Master Sargent in the Air Force before he retired. He noticed the first day of the visit that I was drawing and asked to see what I was doing. I showed him my drawing of a hedgehog sitting in a measuring spoon. I explained that I was combining the thought of how one weighs and considers books in a bookstore with the way one measures things in a kitchen. He grinned and said “That makes a lot of sense!”

After dinner the evening we had the most people at the reunion I drew sketches of our family members and shared them. The entire family seemed to enjoy seeing my drawings and I had fun loving everyone that way! After that evening during the rest of the week Jim and I regularly talked about my sketchbook work.

Over the next days I shared that my thoughts for these sketches pictured below were about drinks and my feelings about the drinks. That made sense to him too! It made me feel good that my art could be so easily understood by someone who self described as “knowing nothing about art”.

We also talked of colors and color mixing. We looked at the shirts other family members were wearing and talked of how colors are mixed with black or with white or other colors. I talked of what paint colors I’d use to mix the colors of various family members clothing. He talked of the importance of colors in electrical wiring or as identity marks on planes and military clothing.

I showed him the book about colors I’d shared here in my last post.

At some point I took a moment and called my local art supply store Artists and Craftsmen and ordered all the butterfly colors from this page below. Won’t it be fun to make butterfly colored worlds?

Within a day my order was delivered by mail!

I checked to make sure all of the colors I wanted were here. They were! Artist and Craftsman really did a great job filling my very specific color order!

During another spare moment I labled my new palette and each new paint tube with the color number listed in the book. During other spare moments I squeezed out paints into the palette well corresponding with the numbers and put the tube I’d just used into a small drawer on my supply shelf.

In another snatched moment of time I labled my drawer of the new paints the “butterfly drawer”.

Another moment included a quick sketch of a butterfly on sticky lable paper which I stuck on my new palette.

Such labels help me – in the midst of work – to be able to grab the proper palette and paints without having to stop to re-read or re-research my original source book.

I think Master Sargent Jim enjoyed seeing my organization skills. His wife enjoyed looking at the colors. We had lots of fun conversations and many of those were about art and creativity.

I will swear again that being creative is a normal facet of being alive and that labeling only certain activities “creative” is merely a cultural convention. What military man hasn’t creatively rigged something when necessary? What mother hasn’t done the same? Being creative simply means being a fully alive aware and thinking human.

Anyway, I also got to practice making brunch for 6 people! I learned how to bake bacon and sausage in the oven on parchment paper. When the meat was almost done I put English Muffins on another parchment covered sheet pan in the oven to toast them. Then all that was left was to make the scrambled eggs in my cast iron skillet. I managed to draw a little and have all of the food hot at the same time to serve breakfast buffet style! A good time was had by all I think! Wahoo!

I hope this week to do more on my Dragon book and to get to spread the new colors around on something using a brush or two! 😁

I hope your week is a creatively arranged buffet style selection of love, color and happiness! See you next Monday.

19 thoughts on “Dragon, family, books and paints

  1. I am so happy that you had such a successful family reunion – they can be tricky. I really am liking the good oriented sketches. They would make fun note cards or recipe cards.

  2. It’s good to hear that you had such a good family reunion, Sue! The butterfly colors are intriguing. I look forward to see what they become. Here’s to creativity in all its forms!!

    1. Yes!! Here’s to creativity!!! And thank you, it was a really good reunion! Glad you like the colors too!! We’ll see what happens with them…I will keep posting 😊

  3. Hi Sue! You probably thought I disappeared on you. I just got very busy at work so I’ve been saving up your post notifications, and I’m starting with the oldest one I missed so I’ll follow you along in chronological order. This family reunion sounds wonderful, and I’ll be excited to see what creations come of your butterfly palette. Was a fun and unique way to choose colors to use together. I’d never thought of such a thing. But I may use the concept in the future. I enjoyed even thinking about it!! Thanks for continuing to share your ideas and your joy!

    1. Oh I am glad to hear from you!! I am relieved that you’ve just been busy and not ill – these pandemic days I worry more about friends than I would have in the before times. So glad you’ll catch up with me!! Our family reunion was an event to cherish! And the majority of the fine art you’ll see after I got the butterfly palette set up was made with the new colors. If you look on my Odditorium portfolio page https://sueclancy.com/portfolio/odditorium/ the 7 art works at the very bottom of the image grid of all of the fine art was done with my “butterfly box”. Yes, using the scientific studies of natural world as a way of forming an artists palette is a TON of fun – especially as I enjoy the visual pun of using real-world colors to create my whimsical fanciful artwork! Lol!! So good to hear from you!! ❀

      1. Yes, very noticeably a shift in palette for the last 7 in the grid. Interesting to get to see them in that manner to mark the difference. Cooler and softer though no less vivid to my mind’s eye. I’m still a huge fan of the hedgehog and books in the measuring spoons. Funny how one relates to certain images more than to others.

        1. It really is funny about how some images stay with one more than others! I’ve made a postcard with the hedgehog in the measuring spoons on my Zazzle shop as several people really like that image and wanted a card. You’re right, my new color pallet is softer. I like that! Glad it’s still vivid though!!!

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!