The professional dog and what’s in the cards

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I’m starting a new childrens poem project “The Professional Dog”. It’s an excuse to do a series of portraits of dogs owned by friends who have professions that fit neatly in an alphabetic format… accountant, botanist, chef…. (Yes, another abecedarian book!!)

Several friends – with dogs – have different professions that could fit for the same alphabetic letter. I know a botanist, a brewer and a baker. I know a chef, a councilor and a critic. Part of my work on this project is winnowing this list.

My book idea began in my small poetry sketchbook, the orange one in the picture, and is now in the messy draft stage on my legal pad.

I’m in the process of contacting friends and asking them to email or text photos of their dogs – and asking questions about their profession. These responses will help me narrow things down.

Here’s a few of the dog photos I’ve gotten from an Accountant, an Underwriter, an Inventory Manager, a Poet, a Nurse and an Entrepreneur.

In addition to this new book project I’ve been thinking more about greeting cards. Last year during the holidays it felt weird getting or sending cards that touched on pre-pandemic style large gatherings. I found I preferred getting and sending the cards that had winter scenery or literary poems or food/drink recipes. I did enjoy the family photo cards and “seeing” everyone that way.

So as I think of the upcoming holiday season I’m starting work on painting a short series of winter, food and book themed artworks intended for cards on my Zazzle shop. Here’s a sketch in my sketchbook with one of my winter theme notions.

Here’s a look at the finished art. I used my new butterfly palette that I’ve talked about in a prior post. These colors are literally based in scientific studies of butterflies and other bugs. It was fun to paint winter scenery using the butterfly colors! The color palette you see in this photo is what I call my “butterfly box”.

Below is a closer look at my finished artwork. After I get a few more for-cards artwork pieces finished then I’ll upload all of the images and design the cards. I’ve titled this piece below “Crowshoes”

Crowshoes by Clancy

This week my spouse made homemade sugar cookies. Seriously comforting and yummy cookies! Cookies and a coloring book are two of the good things in this life, I think, so I posed this photo for use in telling on social media about my recent coloring book “How To Draw A Dragon

Many of the baked goodies my spouse makes – like the sugar cookies in the photo above – are from recipes in “How To Bake Everything” by Mark Bittman. As an eater of baked goods I can vouch for this book!

As per my last post I am thinking seriously about doing more videos and have even ordered a thingamajig to hold my phone steady while I talk. It’s a fun – and a bit scary – to entertain the idea of talking on video generally about being creative and include things from my own creative life. I’m thinking I might call these short videos “Creativity chats” with a subtitle of the topic of that particular chat. 🤔 We’ll see. I heartily thank you for your kind encouragement to do more videos!

While I wait for the video apparatus to be shipped to me I’ll work towards “The Professional Dog” and will tell you more about what inspired this idea in future posts.

I hope your week is full of dog (or cat) cuddles, cookies and many other comforting things! See you next Monday.

16 thoughts on “The professional dog and what’s in the cards

  1. You have such an imagination! Two of my upcoming guests will be Jack Russells so I think we might have been thinking along similar lines although I might focus on artists and their pets. I was considering that slant possibly for 2022 as a change from the articles of the last four years.

    I look forward to seeing more of your famous dogs!

    The cookie recipe looks scrumptious. Unfortunately, I am trying to cut sugar on doctor’s orders. So I am experimenting…


    1. How fun it will be to see your guest Jack Russell’s!!! I love your idea of focusing on artists dogs! I know my dachshund would approve 😉 Lol!! I look forward to seeing your project!

  2. I love your idea for for a professional dogs book! If you need a model for a professional Layabout, I have a dog that will fit the bill. I look forward to more “Creativity Chats”!

    1. You’re a professor- is that correct? If so, I currently have a poet’s dog… and I can also use a “professor’s dog…” Since we’re also connected on Instagram can you please send me a photo or two of your doggie direct message? (Head and shoulders- head and front paws?) Or we can exchange email addresses on Instagram via direct message?
      Oh I’m glad to hear you’re looking forward to more “creativity chats”!!! Thank you!!!

  3. I will keep that in mind! Would love to have you tell us about your furry friend. I will get back to you if I go through with this. But I do think it is time for a change for me with my guest artist articles. Will keep you posted! 😁

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