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As readers of my blog know I’m working on a pop-up book titled “A Fish Story”.  Eventually (when the book is finished) I’ll submit it to the 23 Sandy Gallery – the gallery owner has asked for videos of our pop-up books because of the active movable parts – a juror needs to see it in…action.  So I thought I’d better practice the whole “do a video of an artist book thing”. Here is a link to a youtube video of one my artist books titled “Coffee Beans Plus H2o” – used as a practice baby-step. Fair warning: there will be more practice “video-a-book” attempts in the future. Deep breath…here goes…

Sue Clancy illustrates poems again

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In the current Section 8 magazine issue several of my artworks illustrate several poems!  Yep, once again I realize that words and pictures go together like hot water and ground coffee beans.

Link here:

Oh, and at the bottom of that page there’s a link to a fun interview this magazine did with me…