may the fourth edition be with you

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Hanging out at a bookstore yesterday with friends I happened to spot the book “Making Stuff and Doing Things: DIY guides to just about everything!” edited by Kyle Bravo

This book is now in it’s 4th edition and there’s one chapter by me titled “Why Make A Zine or Artist Book?”.

Back in 2003, if I remember correctly, my work was included in the first edition. Rereading my work now in the new 4th edition I’m still proud and honored to be included!  It really is a useful-in-creative-life book – I’m not just talking about my own chapter.

Here’s a teaser hint of some of the book contents in addition to mine.


And here’s a teaser page spread from my chapter within this useful book:


Sharp readers of my blog will probably notice that I’ve used one of the book-stitching techniques I mentioned in “Making Stuff…” on my current project “Time Tavern” (here’s a link to some Time Tavern posts; stitching the book here and more progress here.)

And here’s a panoramic photo of me along with Sweetie and one of our friends (the 4th friend was taking the photo) outside the bookstore Annie Bloom’s Books in Portland Oregon.


On giving art demonstrations

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On Saturday I’m participating in a “Words and Pictures Festival” at my local library.  I’ll be signing two of my book titles (more about my books here: ) and doing some of my dog drawings and talking about how I create my images. I’ll talk about my ideas, show my tools and discuss methods.

The challenge for me is the talking-while-drawing part of the demo equation. So to help myself I’ve done a video of me drawing… this way I can watch myself and think of what I need to talk about.  When you watch the video do you have questions that you’d like me to answer?



Glad To Be Alive sketchbook by Clancy

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I’m getting ready for a one-woman fine art exhibit held at Burnt Bridge Cellars and set up by the Caplan Art Designs gallery – and part of getting ready is writing an “exhibit statement”.  I prefer creating pictures to writing non-fiction/prose so I’m making my exhibit statement as visual as possible.  One thing I’ve done is collect some of my sketchbook pages into a free downloadable eBook.  This eBook relates to my exhibit… more about that in future posts.  Here are pages from my “Glad To Be Alive Sketchbook – drinks and music edition 2017″… you can see more information and download it from my artist book webpage here or via this direct link: GladToBeAliveDrinkMusicEd  – Enjoy!


closet creature art poem

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Closet Creature - words and art by Sue Clancy

Closet Creature – words and art by Sue Clancy


Closet Creature

By Sue Clancy


Rattle, rustle, bang, bump,

my closet door opened – THUMP!

I smelled it first and wrinkled my nose

then in the moonlight there arose

a creature with a tennis racket head.

Its flannel arms stretched toward my bed.

It smelled of moldy milk I’d dripped.

It staggered in muddy jeans I’d ripped

and moaned as it came toward me,

“I am the ghost of Dirty Laundry!”


poem plus illustration

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cut handmade paper illustration for a poem titled "What J. J. Said" by Sue Clancy  (art and words both are by Sue)

cut handmade paper illustration for a poem titled “What J. J. Said” by Sue Clancy (art and words both are by Sue)

What J.J. Said

By Sue Clancy


John Jerry Adler

climbed up, up, up

a very tall ladder

and whispered

in the ear of a giraffe

“you matter”

Sue Clancy illustrates poems again

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In the current Section 8 magazine issue several of my artworks illustrate several poems!  Yep, once again I realize that words and pictures go together like hot water and ground coffee beans.

Link here:

Oh, and at the bottom of that page there’s a link to a fun interview this magazine did with me…

communicating our world

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As a deaf, gay, female artist and writer I’m keenly aware of the need for diversity in the words and pictures within books, within art galleries, within…every communication form that we use to talk about and picture our world.

This Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators article lists some thoughtful strategies….