art for the wolves

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“We need art and beauty because survival is insufficient.” Emily St. John Mandel

I’ve been thinking about that quote today and thinking about my responsibility as an artist to create beautiful, delightful, joyous – and even funny – things. Creations that are my own small way of helping myself and other people to live well, to feel and give love, to reach deep down into that playful place of the heart and mind where deep genuine laughs and gracious smiles come from.

Art making is my way of sitting down near the fearful wolf hiding under the mental bed – within myself, within all of us – and reaching out to soothe it, give it a favorite snack and even play with it until it (hopefully) giggles.

Here’s one of my fine art pieces containing a dog – a wolf ‘cousin’ – that is currently at the Caplan Art Designs gallery:


Lyrical Lab by Sue Clancy

And here’s why I think it important to sit with the wolf…


page from “Dr. Bob’s Emotional Repair Program First Aid Kit”

the inspiration lab

A Creative Life, art exhibit, art gallery, fine art, visual story, words and pictures


A neighbor asked me to take care of her three Labradors while she was away.  Each time, as I served up doggy dinner, one of the dogs “sang” in a sweet baritone – thus inspiring my artwork pictured above titled “Lyrical Lab”.

This is one of the artworks that will be in an exhibit opening Oct 3rd (see the event tab at  I’ll also give a short talk about what inspires my artwork.  Here’s my best tip about giving short art talks: tell stories.