the art of pumpkin biscuit production

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I’ve spent part of the weekend and most of today illustrating a new recipe for the unconventional cookbook “Kim Cooks Sue Draws”.  Chef Kim Mahan said that this is one of her popular easy-to-do recipes for her cooking school – and we had to have it in the book.  Since the recipe as typed up by Chef Kim was titled “Pumpkin Biscuits” and this is October… my mind went to, well, you’ll see:


Fortunately Chef Kim Mahan has a sense of humor and didn’t mind a Pumpkin making people-shaped biscuits!  Whew!  In fact it sparked a whole conversation between us about how humor and fun in the kitchen helps a good-food experience happen. And that food is more than just bodily nutrition – beautiful (and fun) looking food feeds our spirits too. Chef Kim went on to talk about her efforts to make her cooking classes fun and relaxed for this spirit-feeding reason.

She talked about her concepts better than I’m able to describe here. Sigh. I wish I’d been able to write notes as quickly as she talked!

Anyway, I’ve a few more things to do, like photograph the artwork after it dries, before I can turn this artwork into cards, prints and tea towels.  You can get a hint of what will happen with this “Pumpkin Biscuits” recipe art by looking at our cookbook “Kim Cooks Sue Draws” on this website here:

And now, after looking at recipes all day I’m hungry. Go figure.

4 thoughts on “the art of pumpkin biscuit production

  1. This is such a cute illustration and I love the wit of the people shaped biscuits. That said, my 10 year old would have loved the pseudo cannibalism of the pumpkin making pumpkin shaped biscuits.

    1. Thanks Laura!! Your 10 year old is right… I could have gone even more pumpkin-cannibal!! Did your 10 year old see the bit of pumpkin-cannibalism I did do? The triangle eyes and the pumpkin-smile…? Or is that too subtle? I like the way your 10 year old’s mind works! I could learn a thing or two! Thanks again to you both!

      1. He hasn’t actually seen it yet. I was predicting his response and ideas. He’s into cannibalism, what can I say? Ha ha! I spotted the eye and mouth shapes. I think it’s subtle, yes, but easy to detect if one takes time to look at the detail.

        1. A kid into cannibalism! Lol!! Well, I love your comments! Thanks! I enjoy doing such details in my creations… that’s part of the fun for me. And I loved the thought that a kid would enjoy my warped art! 😉 Thanks!

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