Alphapets, a pig, a giraffe and books

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Both my wife and I are fully recovered from our recent bouts with covid. Just a smidge less energy than my normal but that’s getting better too. So this week besides sharing my sketchbook pages in today’s newsletter I shared a wee smidge about how I approach the blank page… even when I don’t feel well.

Another day, since covid was still on my mind I told the backstory of how I came to doing children’s books on Storyberries. Hint: I began when covid did in early 2020 and the first book I did was Alphapets. Details here

From the sketchbook pages I’ve done lately (see links above) I kept thinking about this pig….

So now that I’m feeling better I’m starting one of my 3d boxes for the Caplan Art Designs Gallery

I’m also thinking about this giraffe… but I’m going slow and easy.

Here’s a book I’ve been relishing one poem a day!

This mystery is just a treat! I love a detective who is a decent and kind person!

It’s my birthday this week so I’ll kick up my heels a little. I hope you’ll have some fun this week too!

See you next Monday.

12 thoughts on “Alphapets, a pig, a giraffe and books

  1. I’m very intrigued by the concept of pigs on ice. I keep thinking it should be a television special. I’m glad that you and your wife are fully recovered from Covid!

  2. Speaking of pigs on ice, I was just doing some fact-checking in a history of my home town in Vermont when I ran across the following sentence: ” Perhaps that’s where the old saying, “Contrary as a hog on ice,” originated. Of course I had to tell you!!

    1. Oh!!!!! That’s wonderful!!!! Thank you!!! What town in Vermont?!
      (We almost moved to Vermont 12 years ago but we chose Washington state instead because we have family in this area.)

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