immortal good fortune

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I’ve been busy getting ready for an exhibit at Caplan Art Designs ( that opens Sept 5th in Portland Or. This is one of the new art pieces that’ll go to the exhibit. Just put it in a new frame today.  It’s titled “Immortal Good Fortune” (details below)


“Immortal Good Fortune” by Clancy – 8 x 10 inches – gouache and ink on board

Here’s the series of random thoughts I was thinking about as I created it:

We make our own luck. When life hands you dragons – cook sausages to share with others. Dragons are often a symbol for self-confidence, good luck, happiness and power. Happiness is not about luck or getting what you want – it’s the state of mind when life gives us what we’re willing to accept.

And of course I was thinking about reading books, art collections and Schnauzer and Havanese dogs…

5 thoughts on “immortal good fortune

    1. Lol!!! Thank you so much!!! It’s an apt analogy you use!!! That’s exactly how I work!!! Some time back I saw a cooking show where people called in, wondering what they could cook for dinner, and told the chef a list of ingredients they had to hand. Often the list was odd like onions, garlic, vinegar and pasta (no tomatoes) – and the chef was challenged to come up with something edible from that! Around the same time I got a book “The Pocket Muse” by Monica Wood and it had a similar idea: list of ingredients to be used in writing – as a prompt for creativity. So I began to do a version of those for my fine art/illustration works! Thanks for catching the clues I’d left re: my working method!! Lol!!

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!