Marinating in the fun stuff

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This week I finished the painting I was working on in my last post and I continued playing around in the fun too!

I played with the new inks (see also my last post).

I made postcards for friends with these 2 inks as seen on my Substack newsletter. As you know I see art as a way to connect with people.

Playing in my sketchbooks is a way to explore and experience new art supplies as well as my own thoughts and feelings. I used on of the larger 8 x 10 inch sized sketchbooks as seen in this recent post when I got a batch of new sketchbooks.

This week we visited a locally owned bookstore called Broadway Books. I love their curated poetry section and got two books of poetry and some “haikubes” for added wordplay fun!

Another day this week we went to a 2nd Powell’s bookstore location on Hawthorne street. They have completely different book selections in each of the Powell’s bookstores so it’s fun to visit the curated collections for a good browse.

And we celebrated our anniversary of 27 years together and 10 years married at one of our local craft brewpubs!!

What a great week of soaking up the fun and celebrating life!!

Much love to you all and thanks for sharing in the fun!!

See you next Monday!

9 thoughts on “Marinating in the fun stuff

    1. I hadn’t heard of Haikubes either until I happened upon them in the delectably delightful poetry section of Broadway Books! Yes, they’re like the magnetic poetry in concept but these are cubes with words on 5 sides. Roll them like dice and make a haiku from the words on top of the cubes. The blank sides of the cubes can be a “wild” word or it can be used as a spacer. It’s a fun game and is giving me ideas for artwork 🤔

  1. You know I am very envious that you have such wonderful bookstores to explore close to home. We don’t even have a B&N close to home any longer – though that remains my closest option for a physical bookstore. I, therefore, go hog wild any time we are out exploring and I happen upon a book store.

    I am glad you had a lovely anniversary. 27 years is definitely worth celebrating. My husband and I are coming up on 30 years together and 27 married and it hardly seems possible that much time has passed.

    1. I totally hear you. Having lived in Oklahoma where there weren’t bookstores nearby…had to drive quite a distance to get to one of the only independent bookstores…I can empathize with you completely. When we traveled from Oklahoma we made a beeline for any and every bookstore or library. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost 12 years we are particularly grateful for all of the many independent bookstores within 10 miles or much less. We’ve tried to regularly visit or at least (during the pandemic) buy from these local stores online or via phone in hopes that they’ll stay in business. It does my heart good to see the local bookstores full of other people besides me and my wife! If someday you’re able to visit this region we can give you a long list of bookstores to visit. ❤ In the meantime I hope that the bookstore links I include in my posts are of use/interest to you.

      And thank you for the Anniversary wishes!! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband in advance!! Isn’t it one of the best things in life to be with someone you love and to love each other well for a long duration of time!!??!! And yes, it’s amazing how fast time flies!!!! ❤❤

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!