Flying pigs, pastries and doodlebugs

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One pig leads to another it seems. On my email newsletter I shared a flying pig and what inspired it. The finished painting was called “The Plot”.

The Plot by Clancy

That in turn inspired another pig with wings to appear in my sketchbook.

Which then became a painting titled “Higgledy-Piggledy” which I also shared in my email newsletter along with other things not mentioned here because I’m trying to not repeat myself too much across my social media, but … this is what’s going on in my world.

Higgledy-Piggledy by Clancy

My artist book “We All Count” is on Storyberries now!!!
Freely available via this link as an #ebook !!!!

This is now my 20th #childrensbook !! (There’s a search bar on where you can type Sue Clancy to see all 20 of my books!!)

We All Count by Clancy

In case you missed my video flip-through…

Over on my email newsletter I had shared my original idea book notes in my poetry sketchbook… but so you don’t have to click away here it is below. My sketchbook is where everything begins…

We went out for pastries and coffee earlier this week before the snow descended. While there were muffins (like in my Higgledy-Piggledy painting above) I opted for a croissant. I thought about drawing these delectable morsels but instead of drawing I just enjoyed eating.

In an earlier post I shared about getting a set of Haikubes … well, this was the playful poem absurdity that happened this week…

…followed by a doodlebug dancing. Instead of being a “violet grace” color though the bug ended up grey blue-green with a purple shadow. 🤷‍♀️

I agree with Austin Kleon here when he says “Books are toys”. They are! Art supplies are toys too. So are cooking utensils. Here’s a stack of books I’m playing with.

Reading about creativity and how it works neurologically is fascinating to me. Creativity is what creative people do – whether the artistic method used for expression is writing, drawing, music or any of the other arts – and regardless of the mood or topic expressed. Much like heating food is what a kitchen stove does – whether the stove is used to boil, bake, saute or in any way apply heat to a soup, a sandwich or a casserole.

Anyway, hope your week is full of grace and playful creativity in whatever colors or flavors.

See you next Monday-ish.

15 thoughts on “Flying pigs, pastries and doodlebugs

  1. I am very much enjoying all of your pig art. I also think that little doodle bug is completely delightful. I hope you are faring well in your unusual cold snap and are using it as an excuse to stay home and do all the things you enjoy doing.

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you like my pigs and the doodlebug…I think there will be more of them as time goes! Yes, we got 10 inches of snow in our town, at our house! An unusual cold snap indeed! Typically this time of year the surrounding mountains have snow, a 30 minute or so drive from town will get you into snow…but in town itself it’s rarely snowy and icy. There are lots of hills and bridges over water in the cities so when it happens in town the cold, snow and ice becomes more of an issue. The ocean is less than a 2 hour drive from our house so we heard all sorts of warnings about weather conditions and the ocean. Coming from flatland Oklahoma even after living here in the Pacific Northwest for over 10 years now I still find the weather here in the PNW fascinating. We have indeed been staying home doing enjoyable things inside the warm cozy house! Even the mail stopped for a few days and most of town was closed. It was remarkable! We’re scheduled to have a meetup with extended family in the week and we hope the weather conditions permit our gathering…🤞There is snow still in our yard as I type this. How are you faring with your weather?

      1. We have had a weird winter with temperatures lurching all over the place and zero snow. I think it is because my husband finally bought a snow blower. I don’t miss dealing with snow and the disruption it causes but I do worry about what all of this weird weather – or lack thereof – suggests about the progress of climate change.

        Fingers crossed that things clear up enough for your meetup and meanwhile enjoy being cozy at home.

        1. I worry too about weird weather and climate change. I had wondered if the weather was weird for you too. Probably the weather did see your husband had gotten a new snowblower and said… nah, no snow for the gadget human to play with. Perhaps if you all promise to the sky to shovel snow with a bladed shovel it’d snow? If I could I’d send you some of ours…
          Stay warm and cozy!!

  2. Speaking of children’s books, a poet blogger I follow posted a poem inspired by the “Hey Diddle Diddle” nursery rhyme, so I sent a link to your cow over the moon book. He got a big kick out of it and sent it to his son for his granddaughter to enjoy. Great fun!

        1. My pleasure!!! As per your latest post I tested if the button worked and was able to follow!!! Your comment here reminds me that I forgot to comment on that post and tell you it worked… oops. Sorry! I’m very glad you’ve made a space for writers helping writers. Thank you!

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