Odditerrarium and the week

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The week started with a whoosh! Vintage Books asked for more copies of Dr Bob’s Emotional Repair Program First Aid Kit and asked me to sign them!!

Of course I did a drawing too because I’m  me and that’s what I do – in these copies I did a small self portrait. These can be ordered for shipping from Vintage Books to anywhere. Just tell them you want a signed one.

Since my wife and I were in the bookstore we had a good browse. My wife has her own book haul and here’s a photo of mine.

We got our covid booster shots and our flu shots at the same time. It was the appointment time available that fit (sortof) into our schedule. Felt tired and achy the first day but the next day, the day of my Odditerrarium art opening at Caplan Art Designs

… I felt punk. The house was 74 degrees but I was very shivery cold. Mostly I read The Hobbit (it’s in my books to cheer up by list) and napped. It felt very difficult to do the social media necessary for my exhibit. But I did my best.

Thank goodness for Amy and Steve at the Caplan Art Designs Gallery!!! They’re both kind, understanding people and they’re very talented at what they do. I appreciate both of them a whole lot in ordinary times but this week I appreciated them even more.

If you’re just catching up here’s the photo of my entire Odditerrarium series on the Gallery’s wall before the lables were added like you see in the pic with Amy and Steve.

Wow! Caplan Art Designs sold 8 of my paintings from my Odditerrarium series!! They sold some of my Odditerrarium artist books too!!! Thank you all again!! ❤❤
Odditerrarium continues through October.
More details about my Odditerrarium project here: https://sueclancy.com/portfolio/odditerrarium/ But these paintings below went to new happy homes!

By Friday afternoon I felt almost 100% back to normal! Not a bit was done this week on any of the other projects I’ve mentioned in my last post. I didn’t even do any playing in my sketchbook. Even so it was a good thing I felt back to normal Friday because we had planned an after the exhibit opening get-away.

So this weekend we had a delightful day with Rusty on the Oregon coast! Our long awaited date day consisted of a long leisurely windy walk along the Pacific ocean – and beers and burgers by the outdoor fire pit at Pelican brewing – Rusty had water with his very own burger patty, which we cut into small bites for him. Rusty enjoyed meeting so many dogs and we had fun conversations with the dog people. Many of the dogs were not easily identified as one breed and all were as darling as darling can be!

Anyway, a much needed relaxing day was had by all!! Of course art studio supervisor Rusty, and his staff, want to plan more such outings! And now I’m fascinated by mixed breed mutt dogs. I love the puzzle of them, the gentle humor of the look of them…

I hope your week is pleasant and that, if you have them, your beers and burgers are just the way you like them. See you next Monday

16 thoughts on “Odditerrarium and the week

  1. I am glad you had such a lovely break away on the coast, especially after feeling so crummy earlier in the week. I am very intrigued by your book of Historical Whodunnits. I am going to add that to my list of books to borrow from the library – though I will need to live to 150 to read all of the books on my list.

      1. I’ve finished The Hobbit and have begun the Historical Whodunnits now and am quite enjoying it! I love how the book sorts the Whodunnit stories by time period. I’m currently in the Middle Ages…😆

          1. It’s an anthology of whodunnit fiction, written by a variety of authors but the stories are grouped by a particular historical time period they’re set within. The story set in the middle ages that I’m currently reading is by Ellis Peters – aka Edith Pargeter who was born in 1913.
            The anthology itself was published in 1993. The majority of the stories in the book seem, by my quick glance, to have been originally written in the 1950’s, 60s, 70s with a few stories written in 80s and 90s.
            Does this answer your question?

            1. Oh, I see! Yes, it does. (I’m a little slow on the uptake today.) Thank you for providing the additional information. Speaking of historical whodunnits set in the Middle Ages, have you read In the Name of the Rose? (I loved it!)

            2. Yes!!! I adore In the Name of the Rose and have a well used, multiply read copy!! I love and have many of Eco’s other books too!! ❤❤

    1. Thank you!!! And you were so right: it was about 36 hours exactly of after-vaccine-shots crummy feeling before getting back to normal.
      I’ve finished The Hobbit and am now reading the Historical Whodunnits – it merits being on a TBR list!! Like you I’ll need to live to ahe 150 at least to read my list 😆
      I’ve begun to think of my TBR list as akin to having a selected color palette- it’s a spectrum of books that are almost guaranteed to be interesting to me, a reliable spectrum I can choose from according to my mood at the moment. And sometimes I just admire my TBR pile/list and luxuriate in the potential pleasure of delving into it! 😆😆❤

  2. Congratulations on the Dr. Bob’s book doing so well! It must feel good to know that the book you created is meeting a need for people. And the Odditarium show!!!

    I’m glad you’re feeling better after your Covid/flu shot. I felt lousy the day after I got mine as well.

    I’ve always liked mixed breed dogs. The dog we had before Mr. Johnson was a chow-chow, German Shepherd mix, red with black markings. She looked like a fox.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing happiness with me re the Dr Bob book and my Odditerrarium show! It does indeed feel really good to hear from people that my books and artwork lifted their spirits!!
      I’m glad you got your shots too and that your recovery was quick too! I’m thinking that these biannual shots are an opportunity to take a day for self-care!!
      The dog you had before Mr. Johnson sounds delightful! A fox in your house!!! Wow!!!!
      Several of the dogs we met on the coast seemed charmingly assembled from spare dog parts from 2 or more breeds! And such loveable sweethearts they were too!! One large elder dog named Mabel looked a combo of great Dane, bulldog, Staffordshire terrier sat on the sand with our elderly miniature dachshund and watched the other dogs running around and I’d swear the two older dogs were saying to each other “these young dogs today”…”were our feet ever that big?” …”where do the pups get the energy?” 😆

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!