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I first “met” the Pacific Northwest in the novels of Tom Robbins. His book “Another Roadside Attraction” has a wonderful description of the grey-blue skies, the abundant rain, the soil and how the “…strawberries grow lustily…”.

Fast forward a number of years and on one of my first visits to the region I saw a field of strawberries growing wild near the ocean. I was enchanted.

Then after many years of vacations to this land of enchantments we moved from Oklahoma to the Pacific Northwest. One of the first things my wife and I did as new residents was to buy 4 Rainer strawberry plants and plant them in our back yard.

Each year those 4 plants multiplied themselves. And each year we share strawberries with neighbors, friends, family and try to think of new ways to use them.

This year’s new recipe is a strawberry daiquiri. Here’s the recipe I used – – I went lighter on the lime juice than they suggest. It was quite yummy!

As you know from recent posts I’ve been practicing painting “stuff” a little more realistically – so I tried to get the glasses to look transparent and the fruits to look round and full.  Here’s the painting, titled “Strawberry Daiquiris”.


Strawberry Daiquiris – by Clancy – 8 x 10 inches – acrylic and gouache on board

art toad of mushrooms

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Here’s one of my fine artworks titled “Toad Shroom” that Caplan Art Designs has currently on exhibit at The Daily Cafe in the Pearl  – “Toad Shroom” was inspired by two novels by Tom Robbins; “Another Roadside Attraction” and “Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas”.  Tom Robbins is one of my favorite authors.

On another topic: Tom Robbins’s Twitter feed is really cool @DailyRobbins

Toad Shroom

Toad Shroom