a mouse scrapbook and gift

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Here are a few pages from my tiny sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library titled “A. Mouse’s Book Of Scraps”.  And since you follow me here’s my entire book, free download, as my thank-you-for-following-me gift: AMousesBookOfScrapsByClancy

I’m doing this gifting by permission of our books author Mr. A. Mouse of course. <wink> We, Mr. A. Mouse and I,  hope you like it!

And yes, this 2.33 inch by 1.66 inch book is a humorous parody or spoof on the concept of collecting and publishing…

In a recent post I spoke of this book and of the Brooklyn Art Library’s Tiny Sketchbook Project in general well here’s a link https://www.brooklynartlibrary.com/

You can also see more of my downloadable artist books on this page. Your patronage and support means a lot! Thank you!

4 thoughts on “a mouse scrapbook and gift

  1. The sketchbook is wonderfully creative and bursting with your creative energy and humour. It is so completely lovely of you to send it out into the world not just to grace the shelves of the art library but also as a free gift. I have downloaded it and look forward to printing it and sharing it with my kids. Thank you!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for your kind encouraging words!! I’m glad you’ll share with your kids and I hope they will enjoy it!! Please remind them to pretend to be a Pacific Jumping Mouse as they read it… that’s what I pretended to be, thinking of what a mouse would collect, while I worked on the book! Hopefully the pdf file will print out readably for you – the book was so tiny that when I scanned in the pages I tried to enlarge them so they’d be easily readable. Thanks again for your kind words!!

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