carried away by a book illustrated poem

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I’ve decided recently to practice my poetry and short-short story writing by writing something, no matter how bad, every day. If there’s anything illustration worthy I’ll illustrate it.  Out of all I’ve done thus far this seemed worthy:


poem and illustration by Clancy

Doing the poem text with a brush was new and different for me. It was looser and I think I like it. Typically I’ve used a dip-pen and been “tight” about it. I’ve also tended toward handwritten capital letters as you know from my illustrated recipes. It’s a text-style habit that harkens back to my years as a professional cartoonist and biological illustrator.

But for this poem when I used capital letters via ink-and-brush the text seemed too thick and shout-y.  I’m now thinking I’ll experiment with all lower case writing. And a smaller brush.  Or maybe a fountain pen rather than a dip-pen.

I’ll try a different hand-written style, and technique, if I happen to write another illustration worthy poem. We’ll see… I’ve got a lot of bad poetry to write between now and then I suspect.

What do you think about the all capital letters via brush style?

7 thoughts on “carried away by a book illustrated poem

  1. Your illustration is so whimsical as is your poem. Who doesn’t enjoy getting carried away be a book. I’m not sure about the brush stroke caps but I think I’d need to see an alternate to know what I like better. My first impression is that the strokes are too heavy for the light feeling of your poem and the illustration. I really do like the illustration a LOT! I’m sure I was that girl and sometimes still am.

    1. Thanks Susanne! I’ll keep experimenting with ways of doing the type… I’m glad to hear you like the illustration! I’m still that girl too! 🙂

  2. I like the typography for this poem (and the illustration is charming too!). I think the bold brush lettering works well for this particular poem since both are emphatic.

Thank you for reading and sharing encouragements!